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User volcanopele's Lasiodora klugi collection

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by volcanopele, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    In honor of me ordering not one, not two, but THREE *MORE* Lasiodora klugi, I have decided to start a thread chronicling the adventures and misadventures of my small, but growing clan of Lasiodora klugi. The three slings were just ordered today from Jamie's Tarantulas so hopefully they will be here late next week.

    Okay, maybe not adventures. They're just my favorite photography subjects given how they commonly just sit out in the open in their enclosure and how bold they are (so they will rarely bolt when startled).

    So let me introduce you to the clan as it stands now:

    First up is the matriarch, Wanda.


    I've had Wanda since September 10, 2016. She was purchased as an adult from Ken the Bug Guy. She's probably a bit small for her species with a leg span of 7.5 inches. She's named after the Scarlet Witch (Bahia Scarlet Birdeater -> Scarlet Witch, get it?) She soon molted on October 2016, on the night the Cubs secured their spot in the World Series for the first time since 1945. That's why there is no footage of said molt. I was too drunk from celebrating the win that night to care much about her molt :(

    After her molt, she has shown herself to be an active and bold spider. She rarely hides in her cork bark hide, but she does it enough for me to be reassured that she would go to it when scared. She was sometimes a bit too active, loving to climb the walls. She would also frequently try to work out how to get the lid to move. Thankfully one of the first things I did after getting her was replace the screen lid with an acrylic one. Remember kids, never leave your large terrestrial spiders alone with screen lids. Her favorite way to defend herself was to throw up a threat pose, but eventually she did start to develop a bald spot on her abdomen.

    She regularly ate large dubias, usually every couple of weeks. One thing I love about her is her feeding response. One time she pounced on a dubia so hard her butt formed a crater in the substrate as she landed. But the good times had to come to an end some time as she refused food in August, September, October, and November. She did eat a couple more dubia in December before going back off her feed. As you can see in the photo above, her bald spot darkened this week so she should (finally!) molt in the next week or so.

    She is my favorite spider. Yes, I play favorites. They don't care if I love one of them more than the others. When I moved my work computer and desk from the spider room to my wife's office, Wanda came with me and is now on my old desk along with my new corn snake.

    Next up is the unconsummated love of Wanda's life, Pietro.

    I also got this little guy from Ken the Bug Guy back on May 21, 2017. By this point, Wanda was definitely my favorite T and definitely thought about the idea of bringing more Lasiodora klugi into this world. So when Tracey at Ken the Bug Guy said that they had a sub-adult male, I snapped him up. Pietro is named after Scarlet Witch's brother, Quicksilver. Now I presumed the gangly guy was still a couple of molts from maturing. Instead, on July 22, Pietro became a man with his ultimate molt. I rehoused him to a sterlite container, and he's been webbing it up ever since. He isn't as aggressive an eater as Wanda, and he's starting to develop a bald spot, but he is still, seven months later, as active as ever, climbing the walls of the enclosure, hoping to get out so he can fulfill his destiny.

    And I really hope he can. But the timing hasn't worked out so well. When he matured, I presumed Wanda was about three months from molting, so I didn't want to risk wasting a mating attempt, and when she stopped eating in August, my fear that she could molt at any time ramped up. But despite my reluctance, they shared a long distance relationship, climbing the walls of their enclosure to reach each other, and tapping like crazy every few days. October came and went without a molt, and eventually Wanda started eating again. With all bets off as to when Wanda would molt (since I still have no idea how old she is), in mid-December, I tried breeding the two. Pietro was clearly interested, slowly shaking his way to her in her enclosure. But it was not to be. Wanda gave very little indication that she was interested, beyond not outright chasing him out of the enclosure. After 2 and a half hours, and both my wife and I needing to get some sleep for work the next day, we got him in a catch cup and put him back in his enclosure.

    With Wanda molting soon, maybe Pietro's time to shine will come. But will the ravages of old age take him before he gets to dance with the devil? Find out in this thread.

    The last of my (current) three Lasiodora klugi, the young stud Wanda Jr.

    Now, I actually got him second, not third. I ordered him from Pinchers & Pokies Exotics on October 25, 2016 and he arrived via FedEx a week later. When I bought him, he was around 0.75 to 1 inch in leg span, but, after six molts, he has since grown to nearly five inches in leg span. Like Wanda, Wanda Jr. is an aggressive eater, so much so that he is my only other T that regularly eats dubia (I prefer to feed crickets, or lateralis roaches when I can get them, due to their more active nature). Wanda Jr. is also a vigorous defender of his water dish. When I need to refill it, he will often stand over it to keep water out. Oh, that means water will fall on him? He gives zero... he will hold his ground. Water SHALL NOT PASS!

    Interesting side note about Wanda Jr. I bought him only a few days after Wanda molted. As I noted at the time, Wanda came out of her molt with a cream-colored spot on the bottom her abdomen. This definitely scared me at the time. I really liked Wanda and I really feared that the spot might be a cyst or some other dangerous and deadly affliction. So I bought Wanda Jr. as a replacement. Of course, the spot turned out to be no big deal, she probably just rubbed that spot raw before that molt or injured that area some other way, and this was just her exoskeleton repairing that breach. Hopefully the spot will be gone after her upcoming molt.

    Not much else to say about Wanda Jr. He's currently the most hungry of the three? He lives in a critter keeper that sits underneath my Lasiodora itabunae's critter keeper. So he doesn't get much attention except to feed him.

    Sorry for this very long post, but I wanted to introduce my three to all of you. I will likely post updates on how they are doing (molts, feedings, breeding attempts, new klugi in the collection), with lots of photos obviously.

    I want to end this post with one of my favorite Wanda stories. A few months back, she was actually hanging out in her hide. She doesn't do it often, but she she does sometimes. She then left her hide and started wandering around her enclosure. For 20 minutes, she wandered around, climbing a bit, just searching around her enclosure, like she was looking for something. Eventually, she found it, her water dish. She actually approached it from above. She gingerly mounted the water dish. I presumed she would dip her mouth in, but she didn't. She moved forward a bit more, toward her hide. She then dipped her butt into the water and took a dump. Just an absolutely massive dump. She then walked back into her hide.

    Yes, I watched my spider spend 20 minutes looking for a toilet.

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  2. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    Cool!! I just have one, my second tarantula.

    She's a confirmed female named Justina.

    Yours are incredible.

    Justina angle 2 1-8.jpg L klugi-Justina-ruler-1.jpeg L Klugi Justina rehouse 2.0 2.jpg
  3. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    Yesterday was feeding day for Pietro (and well, the other “large” spiders). Now, above I said that Pietro wasn’t as aggressive an eater as Wanda or Wanda Jr. And that’s ... half true. Seems like one week he leaves the cricket until later, but the next week, like this weekend, he will pounce as fast as the other two.


    I know I posted this in the thread about tarantulas pooping in the water dishes, but I have to share this again. Honestly, he’s, dare I say, cute. Even when he’s grabbing on to a cricket.


    Of course, he had to judge me on my cricket selection skills. Wrapping up his cricket like I gave him a giant dubia. Still, he is still the tarantula stilting champ of my collection.

    Day 5: Molt Watch 2018 continues with Wanda. Her butt is still dark but no molt yet. So while we wait... I looked through some of my old photos and it turns out I did take a photo back when Wanda molted in 2016. She couldn’t have flipped more than 3 hours before this because I took this photo just after coming back from watching Game 7 of the NLCS and I know she was right-side up when I left. Still too bad that I didn’t film it.


    You have no idea how excited I am about this molt. Should I live stream it? ;)
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  4. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    Sure, live streams are awesome. Are LKs as easy to breed as LPs? How many eggs in a sac, same as LP or not?
  5. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    Today was moving day for Wanda Jr! He was transferred from a medium critter keeper to a large critter keeper (13"x8"x9" or so). Not a huge size jump, but this should last him until he matures, after which he will likely get moved to Pietro's current enclosure (presuming of course that Wanda Jr matures after Pietro passes). But I wanted to give him something with a bit more floor space. Plus, my Lasiodora parahybana juvenile male really needs a rehouse, and Wanda Jr's old enclosure would be the perfect size.

    Here is Wanda Jr. in his old enclosure. Sad and pathetic hide, I know. Had to cobble together two random bits of cork bark I had lying around.


    I took out his hide, leading to vigorous protests. I got him in a catch cup, leading to vigorous protests. I got him over to his new enclosure.


    And I used a straw to get him out, leading to very vigorous protests from Wanda Jr.


    Still, all things considered, that was a pretty painless and easy rehouse, even if he wasn't very happy about it. I'm sure he will come to appreciate it. His home isn't some weird cork bark house of cards anymore. And maybe when he's calmed down, he'll get water.

    An update on the new klugi. The three that I bought from Jamie's Tarantulas last Friday are now on their way and they should arrive here tomorrow afternoon. In the mean time, I've set up their enclosures. All three will be housed in 16 oz. Gladware containers, and all three will be getting cork bark hides! I happened to have a few pieces of small cork bark that seemed to work perfectly.


    Wanda: Molt Watch Day 8: Still no molt. Her bald spot is still very dark. I really should point out that the enclosure next to hers houses a baby corn snake, not a tarantula, in case anyone freaks out about the aspen shavings...

    No live stream is planned. I just got a new LED video light (same one that The Dark Den uses) so hopefully any time lapse video will have excellent lighting.

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  6. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    Mine panicked when I dug her out of her burrow for rehousing for about half a minute or so. The dirt around her was the last to go. I think she realized that the jig was up.

    Still, she settled down quickly enough for me to get some video. I had her in a critter keeper on a rag so I wouldn't have to use a catch cup again. Another benefit world be fall protection of she started flipping out in there.
  7. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    The three Lasiodora klugi slings that I ordered last Friday, and which prompted this photo thread, arrived today from Jamie's Tarantulas. They all arrived reasonably happy and healthy. I had planned to house them in 16 oz Rubbermaid Gladware-like containers, each with a nice cork bark hide and a starter burrow. However, once I opened the vials with these spiderlings, I quickly realized that they were just a bit too small for those enclosures right now and that they would be better off in 2 oz deli cups for the time being, at least until they molt once or twice. I used the same setup for my G. actaeon and my A. geniculata when I first got them, and they didn't seem to have a problem with it.

    I made an unboxing and rehouse video dealing with those little guys. I felt very amateurish when making that video. Outside of the new spiderlings, the only other T I've ordered online and had delivered in the mail was Wanda Jr. 16 months ago. Most of the rest of my collection have been purchased from Ken the Bug Guy, who's local to me, or from reptile shows.

    Now none of them have proper names yet, and that's fine. For now they are referred to as Klugi#1, Klugi#2, and Klugi#3.

    Klugi#1: I feel so bad for this one because I did initially put it in the Rubbermaid container before I realized just how tiny it was. So I had to fish it out of the starter burrow it quickly found then corralled it into the smaller deli cup.




    Klugi #3


    So yeah, they are safe and happy. As you can see in the video above, their rehousing went just fine.

    Wanda: Molt Watch Day 9: Nothing to report. She just slowly moves around the top of her hide. So while we wait, here's one of my favorite photos of Wanda from last May. Yes, kids, some tarantulas do drink water from water dishes. She paid no attention to the table tennis ball, in case you were wondering.


    This will likely be my last post on this thread until after Wanda molts, we'll see.
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  8. Olan

    Olan Arachnobaron Old Timer

    This thread is excellent!
    “Moltwatch” is the term I use as well. Currently we (me and my wife) are on heavy moltwatch over here, waiting for my big Pamphobeteus female.
  9. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    Wanda Moltwatch Day 17: Still no molt yet. She seems to be doing just fine, still mostly sticking to the roof of her hide, though on Sunday afternoon she did make a brief excursion to her hide. My wife and I got excited. Different. Different is good. Nope, by late Sunday, she was back on top of her hide.


    In the mean time, I am still committed to taking a time-lapse video of her molt. "But, volcanopele, what if she molts while you are asleep?" Ah, but I found a solution! I have D-Link Wi-Fi Camera that I bought last summer to allow me to see if she molted while we were away for two weeks for my wife and I's wedding and honeymoon. I now have that setup on a tripod and I have it continuously recording, so if she molts and I'm not around, I can just piece a time-lapse video together in iMovie later.


    So far, the camera hasn't captured much. She mostly just sits around in the same spot, only turning around every few hours. The D-Link camera has caught her moving around twice since I started up the camera on Sunday, and both times were to poop.


    If you look closely for differences between that security camera screenshot and the photo of the setup before, you should be able to see where she pooped this morning...

    ANYWAYS, here's a very nice close-up shot of Wanda's carapace. Turns out that the macro distance on my 18-55 mm lens is closer than the 50 mm prime lens I have...


    The other klugi are doing fine. Wanda Jr. and Pietro ate on Saturday. The little baby klugi are eating, though I'm having trouble keeping the tiny crickets alive. Three times a week (Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday) should be fine though. One interesting note: Klugi#1 dug a burrow the first night it was in the deli cup. You can see the U-shaped burrow in the top enclosure in the photo below. The other two have not dug burrows. The difference could be due to the stacking, maybe #2 and #3 see the darkness from the enclosure above them as "good enough". It could be due to the fact that #1 had to be dug out of a starter burrow when I initially put it in an oversized enclosure, so it feels the need to protect itself more than the other two. Not sure. Regardless, all three are eating well.


    So that's the update for this week. HOPEFULLY, Wanda will molt soon...
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  10. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    Wanda MoltWatch Day 18:

    IT'S HAPPENING.gif! (maybe)

    Well, she's not molting RIGHT this second. But, she is starting to build what looks to be a molt web.


    That little wisp of webbing to her left is new and is behavior that honestly, is kinda unique for her. She plants down webbing for one of two reasons:

    1) She's eating so she lays down a pretty think feeding mat.
    2) She's just walking around. As she moves about, she will often just lay down web pretty much all the time. She would move around in circles in her old enclosure so much that the walls were coated in webbing. But she didn't seem to intentionally build structures with the webbing. More like a snail trail of webbing.

    But this behavior was much more intentional. Waving her butt back and forth. She's clearly building something and I hope this is the first sign of a molt. Alternatively, she is just trying to block off access to the roof of her hide in preparation for a molt, similar to some Ts might plug up the entrance to their hide, but isn't actually going to molt imminently.

    See you all on the other side (presuming she's not just trolling me).
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  11. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    Wanda finally molted on Moltwatch Day 19, otherwise known as yesterday. She spent a lot of time during the 24 hours prior to flipping on her back building up a molt web, as you can see her starting to do in the previous post. Given the thickness of this new web and just how much work she put into it, it was clear she was going to molt soon.


    At 2 pm, she finally flipped on her back, and there was much rejoicing. Despite all that effort that went into making that mat, she ended up flailing around for a few seconds and ended up in the opposite corner. For a lot of the evening, I was actually worried that she might have pinned her back right limbs between her and the glass, but it ended up being alright.


    She spent the next six hours resting and readying herself for the arduous molt ahead. At around 8:20 pm, she finally got started.



    After nearly 2 hours, she was finally free of her molt. The limbs that were up against the glass were the last to be free but she managed to get those too.


    Around 11:30 pm, she flipped herself right side and the molt was over. She looks so nice with a fresh exoskeleton!


    I've posted a time-lapse video of her building her molting mat and the molt itself to Youtube so feel free to check that out below!

    She has spent today basically running down her checklist of post-molt items: cleaning herself, stretching limbs, etc. Just like last time she molted, she flipped on to her side to help with some of this process. And even to my surprise, the white spot on the bottom of her abdomen is still there.


    All-in-all, a successful molt. I haven't pulled the molt out yet. I'm waiting for her to leave the roof of her hide. I'm less impatient this time around about pulling the molt. I pulled her last molt the day after and ended up mounting it in a shadow box.


    I fed Pietro and Wanda Jr. yesterday. Wanda Jr. was quick to capture his cricket and rushed back into his hide before I could snap a photo. Pietro was less interested in food this week. I pulled his water dish (and the "toy" water dish) out because it was getting pretty fouled, and when I put in a new one, he threw up a threat pose. He was interested in eating after that... I didn't see a cricket in there this morning so I presume he ate it overnight.


    Hope you enjoyed this massive update. I hope you all enjoy the video, and I will post a new update soon.
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  12. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    Sorry, for the lack of recent updates. After a fairly busy first three weeks of March, with a rehousing, three additions, and a molt of my big girl, things have really settled down among the klugi clan. So let's do some quick updates:

    Wanda has continued to harden and recover from last month's molt. She has come out of her molt looking quite stunning, with a carapace that's almost...blue-green? Scroll up to compare her to how dull she looked before she molted.


    She will often stretch out on top of her hide:


    Over the last couple of days she is growing more and more active, though most of her activity is at night. She leaves a trail of webbing as evidence of her nighttime activity.


    Yes, she does actually use her hide from time-to-time. It's quite rare, though. But yep, she's in her hide this evening.

    Finally, I couldn't resist posting this photo of little spider feet:


    I will probably feed Wanda this weekend and I will of course take all the photos and maybe even a time-lapse video of the feeding. She gets adult dubia, and her excitement in capturing prey is always fun to watch.

    Pietro was hungry this past weekend, quickly snapping up the cricket I fed him. He's just so...cute... Hopefully he can hang on while Wanda fattens back up. But he is nearing 9 months mature...


    Wanda Jr. is actually starting to look a little dull, so maybe he might be in line for a molt in the next month:


    The slings are eating quite well. I've had them for just under a month now and none of them have molted. Klugi #1 continues to be the odd one, being the only one to burrow. The other two just sit out in the open. Here's Klugi #2... the fat one:


    So that's the update for my various Lasiodora klugi. I will probably post a quick update this weekend for Wanda's first feeding attempt since last month's molt.
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  13. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    Sorry, I didn't get this update out earlier...

    I fed Wanda her first meal on Saturday, April 6, since she molted last month. This is the first time she's eaten since December 23, and the only time it's eaten since July were those two meals in December. Anyways, she had a nice big dubia roach. At first she didn't react to it, maybe her instincts were just a bit rusty. But after digging the roach out, and...escorting it back to Wanda, she finally nabbed it.

    I recorded a slow motion video of the feeding (please note that the dubia vexed me during this feeding so a few choice words slip through).

    She seemed pleased with her snack-rifice.


    Since the feeding, she really seems like her old self, mostly going back and forth between hanging out in her hide and the top of it



    I don't see her move often, but I know she gets around. Wanda suffers from what I like to call "diarrhea of the spinnerets". She leaves a "snail trail" of webbing where ever she goes. When she starts getting more active, this quickly causes everything to get covered in a thin coating of webbing. She is by no means a GBB, so she isn't a heavy webber and her work isn't very systematic. Sorry for the potato quality photo, but my phone seem to capture this effect best.


    Pietro remains active as he approaches the ninth-month mark. While he was initially scared of this cricket, he did eventually take it down, but only after I had put his enclosure back on the shelf...


    Wanda Jr.'s abdomen is looking pretty dark. He did eat a cricket Saturday, but I suspect that he will molt relatively soon given how dull he looks and his dark abdomen. I am willing to bet that he is only 2 molts from maturing.


    The slings are finally starting to molt. The first to molt was Klugi#1, in its burrow. #1 molted some time this morning. hopefully it will throw its molt out of its burrow, like the Nhandu coloratovillosus sling did. I still find it amazing that I've been waiting for one of the slings I've purchased this spring (9 in total, including the three L. klugi) to finally molt. And today, four of them did.


    Klugi#2 didn't eat its cricket from yesterday so I presume it will molt in the next few days. Plus, it is looking a bit darker.


    Klugi#3 is lagging behind and is still eating.


    So that's it for this update. Wanda is eating again and is back to her old self. I plan to feed her once every couple of weeks to kind of pace her a bit better than last year. I am still undecided about breeding her to my mature male. If I do decide to go that route, I will need to pick up her feeding pace. I plan to take another video for this weekend, probably a higher quality video so not a slow-mo video. I might just do a feeding video involving all the klugi, but yeah, some aren't eating right now (or shouldn't be fed having recently molted or are in pre-molt). Pietro is still a going concern. Wanda Jr. may molt soon but he's still eating, so who knows where he's at. And the slings are finally starting to molt. They will probably stay one more instar in these 2 oz containers before moving into those GladWare containers I prepared before they arrived last month (though one of those containers now lacks a hide since I used it for my new Dolichothele exilis BUT my Acanthoscurria geniculata molted yesterday and won't be needing its hide much longer... I don't know, I'll figure it out)
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  14. Mvtt70

    Mvtt70 Arachnobaron

    Awesome thread, and monstrous Ts you have. Think I'm picking up a 1" klugi this weekend so I'll join the club. :pompous:
  15. volcanopele

    volcanopele Arachnosquire

    It has been a busy week for my various klugi, or at least for many of them. My slings are finally starting to molt! And amazingly, of the 9 slings I purchased this spring, 7 of them have molted in the last week. That includes Klugi#1 and Klugi#2, who molted on Monday, April 16 and Tuesday, April 17, respectively.

    Here’s Klugi#1 a few hours after it molted and later in the week when it was finally out of its burrow:



    And here’s a before and after shot of Klugi#2 (sorry for the potato-quality of the second photo, that’s a screen shot from a feeding video):



    So both are looking happy and healthy after their molts last week and both are now eating again. Klugi#3 still hasn’t molted yet, though I didn’t check on it before I left for work this morning. I’ll check on it in an hour or so and I’ll post a quick edit to this post if it has molted.

    Saturday was feeding day the majority of my spiders, the ones that are fed on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule anyway. I have posted a feeding video of just the Lasiodora klugi to YouTube.

    Unlike Wanda’s last feeding, she was quick to grab this one. I even measured it frame by frame. She reacted within 1/10th of a second of the dubia hitting the ground and had it firmly in... fang(?) about a second after it hit the ground, and it only took that long because she missed the dubia on her initial lunge. Now see, that’s the type of feeding that makes me love Wanda so much.


    Here you can see the ootheca coming out of the roach (a few minutes after it dropped, she did grab it so it didn’t go to waste).

    Wanda just about finished with her meal nine hours later.

    So that’s it for this week’s update. I will try to edit this if Klugi#3 is molting or has molted today, otherwise I will cover it in the next post. Otherwise, until next time!
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  16. I love them! Great thread about the chronicles of your expertly named clan. (I'm also a huge fan of Scarlet Witch, I see that Funko you have of her)