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Very rare Heterometrus sp.

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Jarvis, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Nanotrev

    Nanotrev Arachnoknight

    It made me sad and happy at the same time to see that my Emperor scorpions are larger than the Swammerdamis I've had. Still. I'm looking for larger specimens of both species so there is still hope for my goal of breeding the largest scorpions around. Also, I'm about to make a new thread for those who would help me design a new substrate mix. It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. No, she still has one molt left until maturity, however she is the same size as the male maybe a little bigger right now. I hope she molts soon so I can try to breed her. The female H. Swammerdami is around 5.5 to 6 inches, that pic was taken at a angle so it looks like she is shorter, she wasn't very happy with me so getting a straight on shot was a little hard, the male is a little bigger right at 6inches.
  3. Hendersoniana

    Hendersoniana Arachnoangel

    Wow very very nice! Such beautiful gems u have! Heterometrus is def one of my favourite genus because of their claws, truly astounding. Your Hetero Madras and Hetero Myso is very nice, good luck on your breeding haha, thanks so much for sharing, now im envious! :worship:
  4. When I checked on my scorps last night this is what I found in my female H. Madraspatensis tank:biggrin:, I had seperated her about a month ago since she had started to act violently toward the male. I thought it was going to take longer for her to have a brood, but the pair had already been mating for awhile before I got them. I don't have a exact count on how many she had but it looks to be around 20 more or less. Hopefuly the female H. mysorensis molts soon so I can mate her.

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  5. Hendersoniana

    Hendersoniana Arachnoangel

    Awesome! Congratulations! Is she done birthing or still in the process whem u counted it to be around 20+/-?
  6. Congratulations Jarvis!! I don't know much about H. Madraspatensis but they are surely beautiful looking species!! :D
    Hope everything goes well with other two species of Heterometrus you have.
  7. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    weeeeee doggy!, I'd feel rich lol!
  8. tdark1

    tdark1 Arachnoknight Arachnosupporter

  9. thanks everyone, they are great looking sp. hopefuly I can get her to have another brood later this year or early next year

    At the time of the pic and the time I did the first count she was still birthing, so there may be more than 20, that's just what I was able to count, but I wasn't able to get a accurate count from that position so there is likely more. I'll wait til they reach 2nd instar and start coming off her back to get a accurate count of themd, that way there will be less chance of cannibalism due to over stressing the mother.

    @Galapoheros, lol I wouldn't say that I have already promised half of them away to a freind, and will be keeping at least 5 of them for future breeding and will probably end up selling around 5 of them at 2nd instar at $85 per scorpling
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  10. Hendersoniana

    Hendersoniana Arachnoangel

    I see. Waiting for the 2nd instar molt is prob the best idea, good luck with ur brood :).
  11. Christoffer

    Christoffer Arachnosquire

    I love Heterometrus species and all, but how come you say they are very rare? All 3 of those species are easily obtainable and do not cost much at all. At least not here in Europe..
  12. sfpearl300z

    sfpearl300z Arachnoknight

    I think that would be your answer.
  13. I agree, in Europe these are all very obtainable and cheap (I wish it was the same here) however here in the states they are very rare (almost imposible to find). There are a ton of scorps in Europe that are easy to get and cheap (well over there they are cheap) that I would love to get my hands on:drool:. If anyone over there has a breeding pair of any Nebo sp. for sale and are can ship state side please, please send me a pm:cry:
  14. Scoplings are donig well and have reached 2nd instars, but are still hanging out on moms back (I will be putting a add in the classified for sales section as soon as they climb off moms back for those who are interested). I was able to get a accurate count and my first count was way off, she had a much smaller brood than I expected she only had 11 scorplings.
  15. I thought I'll give a update on what's happened with them, I was finaly able to remove the female H. Madraspatensis from her new brood since they have reached 2nd instar and have climbed off her back. I put her back in with the male and she was ready to go, they started mating agan within 24 hrs, now the male runs from her, I guess he has had enough, I'll seperate them soon. I am still waiting for the Female H. Mysorensis to molt, she has begun to get very plump so I hope it will be soon. My Swammerdami pair mated again last night and the female has begun to sun (or in this case Heat lamp) bath, it seems a little soon but I guess it is good news hopefuly it won't take 15 months to see a brood. here are some pics of the new brood enjoy

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  16. Unfortuanatly I have some bad news, when I checked on my scorps this morning I found my female H. Madaraspatensis eating her recently killed mate, I couldn't believe it. On the plus side at least I was able to get a brood from the couple, and I have 3 of the scorplings left so hopefuly I have a breeding pair from them or at least a male I can mate with the mother in the future. I also was able to get them to mate again before she ate him so hopefuly she has another brood inside of her, she is a little plump but hasn't shown any other symptoms of being gravid yet, I'm hoping that it is just to soon.
    On th plus side I will be getting a breeding pair of H. Phipsoni and quite a few L. Mucronatus (I know there not Heterometrus sp.) later this week, I'll post picks as soon as they show up. I hope to finaly get a breeding pair of Nebo Heirichonticus and another female H. Swammerdami next month, that I plan to mate ASAP with my male, so hopefuly I will have two broods (one frmo each female) sometime next year. The H. Mysorensis female still has to molt before I can mate her, I'm not sure how long she will take, she's still plump but hasn't molted yet.
  17. Maikardaaion

    Maikardaaion Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I've been away for some time :)
    I still think that this h. mysorensis pair is rather a pair of females :)

    I missed to take a photo of my male H. mysorensis before he died but the anatomy of whole body especialy the pincers id totally dufferent from the female.
    Nevertheless... Check this photo (taken by a friend of mine - thanks Paul!)


    The adult male is the one in the right top corner. Remaining two are females. Notice the lenght of pincers, patella and femur and the proportion of the whole limb to body complexion.

    The proportion of scorpion posted on Your photos does'n match.

    I mean, I wish You to succesfully mate them, but from my point of view it will not work.
  18. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    Okay, that sucks. But I only knew from H.mysorensis that they readily kill cagemates, but H.madraspatensis does this too as it seems....
  19. Sorry to see that the male madraspatensis was killed. At least you got them to breed before it happened.
  20. Hendersoniana

    Hendersoniana Arachnoangel

    Jarvis, good luck with the female and the few scorplings, hope u can get what u need! Cant wait for the Phipsoni pictures!
    Nice photo Mai, the males really differ from the females. I notice this in other species i see such as Fulvipes, Madras, Longimanus and a few others, not sure if all. The male have longer arms and bigger chelas, while the females are more 'stubby' looking.
    H mysorensis are not communal? Well that isnt good...I thought all Hets were communal to a certain extent, than again most scorps are until they cannibalize each other...