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Urticating Hair Questions

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by blooms, May 2, 2009.

  1. blooms

    blooms Arachnoknight

    I have heard that different types of NW T's have urticating hairs with differing severity.

    How bad are the urticating hairs of Xenesthis immanis and Phormictopus cancerides?

    If they kick hairs when their (25 cm high with ventilation holes between .5 cm and 1 cm cage) is closed, what is the chance of these hairs wafting out?
  2. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer


    Here are search results from searching "Urticating hair" in this forum:

  3. BrynWilliams

    BrynWilliams Arachnoprince

    I'd agree with Xhexdx, I was changing the water in my rosea's tank (she's a little aggro cow) when she kicked hairs, i was wearing gloves (knowing she does this) so thought i was ok, but leaning over the tank to see the water dish I felt them start to itch in my face, so yeah they fly pretty darn well :8o
  4. My 2.5-3 inch B. boehmi was at least a foot away from me n kicked hairs..I thought nothing of it till awhile later my arms started to itch.
  5. Lennie Collins

    Lennie Collins Arachnobaron

    Different urticating hairs affect people differently. You might have a reaction while someone might not and vice-versa.
  6. Hilikus311

    Hilikus311 Arachnoknight

    Agreed and definatly true
  7. Miss Bianca

    Miss Bianca Arachnoprince

    just thought to mention..
    that the different types of NW Tarantulas have different
    types of urticating bristles each.........
  8. WS6Lethal

    WS6Lethal Arachnoknight

    Also, a T. Blondi is supposed to have some of the worst urticating hairs.

    Amazingly, my Chilean Norths have never kicked any hairs, so I'm pretty lucky. These have to be the most docile spiders I've experienced. :cool:
  9. G. pulchra

    G. pulchra Arachnogod Old Timer

    I would agree with the post above, that different hairs affect people differently. If your looking for T's that minimize hairs, stick with Pokie's
  10. So heres a question I want to add to this . . .

    Do the urticating hairs grow back, or do they come back when it molts?

    My new blondi gave a little half-a$$ed kick when I put her in her new tank, has no bald spots on her, but I did see the "cloud".

    If its a defense, I would think the hairs might just grow back . . .
  11. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    They come back with the molt. That's why tarantulas have bald spots. Hairs get kicked off and don't grow back. Nothing on a tarantula grows back without a molt.
  12. Thats what I figured.
    My smaller "burgandy sp" definately is more of a kicker, and has the pink bald spots to prove it.
    If I had to name that T, Id call it Bill- after my buddy who has similar pink spots on his head . . . . ;)
  13. blooms

    blooms Arachnoknight

    I was really wondering about the possibility of the hairs wafting up out of a closed tank where the ventilation holes are .5 cm to 1 cm and the lid is 25 cm above the floor of the tank.

    If so, I wonder if keeping a cloth on top of the tank would prevent this.
  14. blooms

    blooms Arachnoknight

    Does anyone know anything about these species? Are their urticating hairs as bad as a Blondi's or more benign?

  15. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I believe I answered your question in my first reply. Yes, a cloth would probably help prevent it.

    I gave you a link in my first post to all kinds of urticating hair posts. Read through them, maybe you'll find what you're looking for. I'm not going to do all the work for you. ;)

    Also, it was stated above that hairs react differently with different people, so you still may have a different reaction than anyone else has had.

  16. wedge07

    wedge07 Arachnolord

    My rosie doesn't kick hairs. I think she would rather eat me instead.
  17. Miss Bianca

    Miss Bianca Arachnoprince

    the really notorious kickers, (like my B. Auratum)..
    kick so much that they wind up with a big bald patch
    on the opisthosoma, and usually remain with no urticating bristles to kick...
    doesn't stop them from trying to though!

    They definitely do not grow back though...
    none of their 'hairs' grow, they are replaced...

  18. Miz

    Miz Arachnosquire

    i'd also like to note, that just because your T didn't kick, doesn't mean you won't get hairs in your skin. touching their abdomen can do it... and they often will place hairs around their molt area so removing molts can get you stuck too :eek: leftover hairs from previous kicks can get stirred into the air if you're fiddling inside the enclosure and they'll get in you just like if they'd kicked them
  19. Oddly enough I have never had a tarantula kick hairs at me.
  20. dukegarda

    dukegarda Arachnobaron

    Huh. Maybe I'm just super-human, but the hairs don't do anything to me. the rosies I used to have would kick while I held them, the hairs would land on me, and nothing.

    My smithi kick hairs like mad while I'm in their tanks, and it doesn't have any effect on me.

    I've had NW Ts for quite some time, 2+ years, and have been exposed to the hairs quite religiously. I have no reaction. :?

    Someone explain.

    Grass irritates me like mad though... I roll around on some grass... I'll be scratching for hours. Curse you mother earth!