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UPDATE: on P.Lugardi condition (and more ?'s)

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by J.huff23, Oct 21, 2008.

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    Update on Pterinochilus Lugardi with Dyskinetic syndrome.

    Ok just thought I would update...and of course I have more questions too:rolleyes: .

    I put her down to see if she can walk ok and she CAN walk somewhat OK. She walks kinda funny, is that because she has a missing leg?

    She only has those weird convulsion if she is touched or the cage is bumped slightly.

    She was trying to bite me but couldnt really do it too well. I saw her fangs come out but she wasnt even in threat pose or anything like that.

    I would really like to know if she really DOES have dyskinetic syndrome or if there is something else wrong with her.
  2. Kris-wIth-a-K

    Kris-wIth-a-K Arachnoprince Arachnosupporter

    Keep her in ICU for a little longer. A t being jumpy when you tap on a cage is a normal thing there buddy. No t's likes it and wouldn't advise dong it when the t is in this condition. Just make sure the T has water...
  3. 7mary3

    7mary3 Arachnodemon

    You need to post a vid man.... gotta see it.

  4. Yea I know that. Im not stupid. Its not just a disturbed motion...its a series of twitches and spasms that last at least 15 seconds.
  5. I have no way to post a video...but i did find a video that shows someone elses T but its exactly what minesdoing...I will try to find it again.
  6. It definitly looks like my Lugardi has dyskinetic syndrome...what are your thoughts?
  7. Protectyaaaneck

    Protectyaaaneck Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    any ideas on what causes this? I have yet to see any of my T's do this(knock on wood). I hope the T gets better :)
  8. No one knows what causes this.
  9. kupo969

    kupo969 Arachnoangel

    Not only does it do the weird spasms but it also cannot use it's fangs well at all.

    Your T has DS.
  10. Didnt want to here it but thanks for the reply.
  11. sylverbullit

    sylverbullit Arachnosquire

    I always thought it was caused from exposure to pesticides.
  12. No one knows what causes it for sure.
  13. sylverbullit

    sylverbullit Arachnosquire

    I get scared that mine will get it. I would be so sad
  14. Yea, it sucks. This was one of my very first Ts.