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Turtle Searching

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by pnshmntMMA, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I don't like to say hunting, because I'm not killing anything. Anyone have any good tips? I life in northern Maryland near a big reservoir. Lots of woods near water, and away from water. I'm looking for Eastern Box Turtles and maybe a snapper.
  2. I find eastern (3-toed) box turtles (and others) very easily in eastern KS. All I do is drive around on the many gravel roads through the country side in the spring/summer months. Mid morning and late afternoon seem to be the best times. The turtles and snakes are abundant and found on the road and shoulders. Be careful not to run over them though! In that area, ornate box turtles, eastern 3-toeds, and common snappers are very common and I can easily see multiples of each species just about every time I take a drive. 've never kept any of them, only photographed and moved off the road. **Disclaimer** - Make sure you know and are compliant with your local laws regarding take of reptiles and amphibians before you go hunting! Hope that helps. Good luck!
  3. It helps alot thanks! We can keep snappers here but not so sure about the box turtles. Til I find out in not keeping anything. So I'm a little early this year?
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    I like Turtles.
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    Your question made me curious:


    It looks like box turtles are included on List B. You need a permit if possessing more than one individual, and no more than one can be taken from the wild.

    Oh, and speaking of turtles:

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  6. Although it is largely weather dependent, Feb. is pretty early. Again in eastern KS, I've had good results in May and June. However if it's an early spring in your area, it will likely happen a little earlier than the norm.
  7. Here in MD we USUALLY start seeing the flowers and seasons change in mid march, but yesterday was 68 out. Very mild winter do far, think they'll come out earlier? Also if they come out, and it gets cold again, can they resume hibernation?
  8. I'd wait until you get a few really warm days or better yet, until around mid May. Even if Spring is early for you this year, it should be in full swing by then and turtle activity should be as well. If you're just itchin to get out, then wait for a string of warm days then go see what happens. At least you could scout out some good roads/areas. But with gas prices the way they are, I'd wait.
  9. UPDATE: no EBTs yet. however ive caught several snappers and painteds in the last 2 days. one monster of a snapper too. mean old guy! still looking for box turtle. :(
  10. been catching tons of painted turtles, RES', and way too many snappers and frogs/tadpoles. still no EBTs... ill stop looking, then find one by accident. i know it
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    This is usually how i find EBTs. Mostly just while mushroom hunting in late april early may. But sometimes through out the summer. I usually only see one a year. I havent seen any this year. Seems like they are next to impossible to find if looking for them. I wonder if they are on a decline? I would love to build a fenced off section in my yard, and catch some and have a little turtle habitat, but dont know if i actually ever will.