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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by CoSpiderGuy, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Casey K

    Casey K Arachnoknight

    Just received an order from Toogledoo. All T's arrived safe and in excellent condition!!! Great packing! Definitely a recommendation for anyone in the hobby! Thanks Toogledoo!!!! 100% POSITIVE!!!!! :)
  2. A+++ Positive!

    Just recieved some awesome T's through Genny yesterday! Excellent communication, packaging, shipment via FedEx - everything was perfect. T's are beautiful and healthy - Can't go wrong purchasing from her - I will certainly make another purchase in the future. Thanks Genny! :)

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  3. RYAN500

    RYAN500 Arachnopeon

    100% Positive!

    Just received a young female Brazilian Black from Genny today! Great communication, great packing/shipping method (cant thank you enough for that), fantastic deal, BEAUTIFUL healthy animal...All around great transaction! Highly recommended.

    Thanks again Genny!
  4. 100% Positive

    I received my 5 spiders today and they were packaged well and in really good shape! I would definitely order from Genny again!
  5. TheInv4sion

    TheInv4sion Arachnobaron Active Member

    I ordered an E. Campestratus (F), Blue Fang(sling), N. Chromatus(F), B. Albopilosum (F), L. Parahybana, and an unsexed B. Smithi. All five Ts arrived healthy and fat :p
    Their hair rubbed off mid shipping, but that's to be expected. They are now part of my bald collection :)
    Along with my 5 new additions, Genny also threw in a T. Gigas which is healthy and hungry!
    Absolutely great, smooth transaction. Definitely would deal with again!
    Purchased two subadult breeding pairs and everyone arrived in perfectly healthy condition. Good communication and EXCELLENT packing. Thanks!
  7. Another 100% positive review for Genny Hands and Sunflower State Exotics. Everyone arrive safe and sound along with excellent communication. Genny is the one to go to for your next purchase. :)
  8. MrBoom619

    MrBoom619 Arachnoddicted

    100% positive! A+++

    This review is long over due! I had another dealing with Genny, and it was flawless. From communication to receiving healthy and gorgeous spiders, I couldn't be any happier!

    Thanks again, Genny! I look forward to next time! :biggrin:

  9. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnogeek Arachnosupporter

    100% POSITIVE
    Genny Hands has spectacular communication throughout the whole process. Making sure the fuzzy little A. minatrix were shipped when the weather was best.
    All 4 arrived safe and healthy! FedEx overnight, foam lined box, cold pack, inside a deli cup, straw packed.
    Man they are extra tiny even at 2nd instar. Those are toothpicks in the well vented nickle sized vials (for size reference)

    2015-07-08 10.41.16-2.jpg
  10. Thistles

    Thistles Arachnobroad


    I just finished unpacking two little beasties from Toogledoo. They're absolutely adorable, were a great price and she shipped very quickly while taking the temperature into account. Thank you!
  11. r56mini

    r56mini Arachnopeon


    Thanks so much to Genny for the quick communication, good packing, and keeping it affordable. The slings are so much more active than the ones I ordered from a different seller. Extra credit for it being the week of her wedding!