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Too many questions about uninteresting tarantulas and lack of common sense

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by LV-426, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. LV-426

    LV-426 Arachnobaron

    What's goin on lately, I'm seeing to may post about G. rosea. Also a lot of questions being posted about basic things you can read in the TKG. I feel there are a lot more interesting Ts to talk about, plus I feel some the questions being asked on the boards could be answered by doing research plus some due diligence.
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  2. Pavlor

    Pavlor Arachnopeon

    I've just rejoined, LV-426, and I have no idea what the "TGK" is/are... Plus when I research stuff, I like to get feedback on the stuff I've researched, to get different perspectives and whatnot. I don't believe in the concept of *stupid* or *boring* question... I like the human touch that is available on fora, so it's nice to be able to answer remedial questions concerning the hobby =)
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  3. Formerphobe

    Formerphobe Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    VA, USA
    TKG = Tarantula Keepers Guide by, Stan and Marguerite Schultz
  4. Pavlor

    Pavlor Arachnopeon

    Never heard of it.
  5. Crysta

    Crysta Arachnoprince Old Timer

    yay for people who don't do their research ^
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  6. akpropst

    akpropst Arachnopeon

    I concur. I skim the boards every few days for interesting threads because that's just about how often one may come up. You'll see 3 posts on the same page about "My new G. rosea" and them asking about general T keeping information. Requiring human input for your questions doesn't make sense if someone else has already asked it and got their questions answered. >.> Am I missing something here? Not knowing about the TKG is simply sad.
  7. Amoeba

    Amoeba Arachnolord

    How did I pass history class without George Washington standing in front of me?

    Man my tarantulas molt and murder all by themselves with no one to hold their hand through every step, I wish some T owners were so independent...I can understand that google can make things difficult but these boards are a decade old with many more decades of experience. If you can't read through the old stuff why should I think you'll comprehend the new stuff any better?

    That being said I try to help the n00bs anyway :biggrin:
  8. paassatt

    paassatt Arachnoangel

    I've been waiting for a thread like this to come along for a long time.
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  9. BCscorp

    BCscorp Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I don't believe in "stupid questions" cause it's better to ask than to be in doubt. But I do believe there are many repetitive and redundant questions that could/should already be answered by simple research (ie. reading back even 3-4 pages...lol). It does bother me to see the same question on the same page....that blows my mind.

    I don't think there are any "uninteresting tarantulas"
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2012
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  10. Vespula

    Vespula Arachnodemon

    There are no dumb questions, just inquisitive idiots.

    That being said, I think it's fine for people to come here and ask questions. That's what a public forum is FOR. We all started somewhere, and we can help the ones who are just learning. I don't think it's a big deal. Should we sit so high and mighty that we don't answer beginners' questions anymore? no.

    Also, G. rosea deserves more respect. How many of us started with a gentle old rose hair? A lot of us did. Y'know, my first tarantulas weren't rosies, but I went and got them after a year or more of keeping because they interested me. So don't go slinging around "uninteresting" and using it like that applies for all keepers.

    So, I say bring on the keepers asking questions. It's good to be inquisitive. Keep on loving and learning about your G. rosea. That's fine.
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  11. Shrike

    Shrike Arachnoprince Old Timer

    You should read it.
  12. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince

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  13. MMAFogg

    MMAFogg Arachnosquire

    I dont think its fair to say people are idiots just because they dont know about the TKG, especialy when people are new to the hobby they have been miss informed by a pet store.

    Just because someone has gotten into Ts doesnt mean they MUST KNOW AUTOMATICLY about TKG, rather than flaunting your "supirior" knowlage and pipeing off about your "more interesting Ts" (By the way, my MM G.Rosea is one of the most interesting Ts iv seen) How about trying to help people, tell them about TKG, point them in the right direction and use your knowlage for good.

    I doubt you would feel very good if you came to one of my Jeet Kune Do classes and i laughed at you for not knowing Dan Inosantos books, or for asking about boring things like how to do a proper jab/cross.
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  14. Crysta

    Crysta Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Im just referring to the user whos been here since 2006, and saying that he does look at the boards researching; but it makes me wonder if he does since the TKG is mentioned in numerous thread...

    "I've just rejoined, LV-426, and I have no idea what the "TGK" is/are... Plus when I research stuff, I like to get feedback on the stuff I've researched, to get different perspectives and whatnot. I don't believe in the concept of *stupid* or *boring* question... I like the human touch that is available on fora, so it's nice to be able to answer remedial questions concerning the hobby =) "
  15. Arachno Dano

    Arachno Dano Arachnosquire

    I stopped reading books with pictures in it a long time ago. ;)

  16. bchbum11

    bchbum11 Arachnosquire

    :clap: MMAFogg. I lurked on these forums for months before actually posting, and was (and still am) amazed by the amount of belittling that goes on when new members ask certain questions. Our hobby isn't exactly mainstream, and you'd think that we would rejoice every time a new member entered here seeking advice from people who had more knowledge than they did. Instead, they are more often met with a litany of "use the search function" posts. While this is a valid point, it is too often delivered with a less than ideal amount of tact. If you take the time to post "use the search function", I don't see how taking the extra 45 seconds to actually answer the question, then add "by the way, there is a great tool you can use" can be such a bother...

    As for the original post, I think G. rosea is a great spider. Sure, it's common, cheap, and seems to make up 90% of PetCo's inventory... It's also the species that is most likely to bring new blood into our hobby. I would think that everyone on this board would agree that new members entering the hobby is a great thing, but reading the posts here sometimes makes me wonder. In any case, on the day I get tired of reading threads about G. rosea, I can always use the "filter" option, and just not open the thread to begin with.
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  17. stewstew8282

    stewstew8282 Arachnoknight

    As much as this comment is fuel to the fire...it made me laugh. And after a stressful few hours watching my Giants barely make it into the Superbowl, it was much needed. Bravo sir.
  18. Crazydaisy

    Crazydaisy Arachnopeon

    I'm one of the new idiots I'm sure. Yet in the definition of a forum:

    A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

    My questions is if everything that ever needs to be said has already done so, then why are we all posting here anyway?

    If I'm in the wrong place I'd gladly welcome someone lead me to a site I can enjoy conversing about these amazing creatures I have recently learned to enjoy.

    I hope you read to the bottom and hear me also say...

    I am very thankful to all the responses I have gotten from a lot of smart trusted members. Stupid questions or not, they have all been helpful answers and Thrixopelma sp. "Nancy" thanks you as well.
    ( my unidentifiable T )
    She is in a happy home because of you all!

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  19. Shrike

    Shrike Arachnoprince Old Timer

    It's a great book, but if you're brand new to tarantulas how are you supposed to know about it? Psychic powers? Was it featured on Reading Rainbow? I must have missed that episode.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2012
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  20. Hornets inverts

    Hornets inverts Arachnobaron

    Thats one thing that ive thought about numerous times when people say a thread is redundant due to the question being asked before. Honeslty, pretty much every question regarding t husbandry seems to have been asked multiples times, if everyone, newbies and the more experienced alike were to all use the search function and never douple post a question, these boards would be dead and really fairly pointless.
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