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To send or not to send out the MM...that is the question...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by eporter, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. eporter

    eporter Arachnopeon

    I have a gorgeous MM G. Rosea that just molted a couple weeks back and the big debate is to just keep him and let him live out his days in solitude or to trade/lend him out to a breeder so that his genetic heritage lives on and introduces others to the hobby...but i am nervous about sending him through the mail...and was wondering how "worth it" it would be as if i did send him out i wouldn't want half of the eggs if any were produced, i would want just one sling of any variety or one of the slings from produced sack...it doesn't seem like a good enough reason to send him out buuuuttt it could be helpful to someone....i don't know...at this point i am just spinning my wheels soooo i thought that maybe somebody here would have an opinion...:worship:
  2. WhiskyTrekker

    WhiskyTrekker Arachnopeon

    note: had a few beers then posted...

    any furthuring of genetic lines is worth it... If your male is WC, which a lot of G.rosea are (or were), then extra so...Maybe trade for a different 'ling if you don't want to do a loan...But G. rosea will not always be common, despite what everyone says/thinks...B.smithi was the common trade spider back in the day and was once G. rosea common...not any more...it's our duty as spider keepers to make sure they are established as CBs...
    I am sure they are and I made this argument 10 years ago on other forums...but...other one-time staples (pedes and scorps that were once give-away-common) are not...so we have to do what we can...
    G.rosea are awesome spiders that every T-Keeper should have...further the line if you can...

    : end beer rant...
  3. WhiskyTrekker

    WhiskyTrekker Arachnopeon

    Also note, tons of experienced shippers will help you learn to pack, if needs be...cheers!!!
  4. eporter

    eporter Arachnopeon

    thanks that is a very persuasive argument...going to think about posting on the invertabrets personal section.....thats a very good idea