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Tiny tim is back in action!!!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by alchie 8, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. alchie 8

    alchie 8 Arachnopeon

    I purchased a T. blondi almost a year ago at my local pet store. They had gotten about 5 in and of course I took home the one missing a leg because I'm that girl wanting to save the one that has less of a chance and I got a discount ($70 and he was 5-6"). lol. My boyfriend named him M.J. to stand for mini Jill which is my name because I also have a bad leg and he thought that was hilarious. Well needless to say MJ stopped eating about a month ago and dissapeared into his cavern of doom. My boyfriend thought he saw him moving for the first time last night and sure enough Mr. MJ had molted!!!!:clap: He is pitch black now and his leg has grown back although still smaller. I always read about so many molt problems with these guys and was so thrilled to have a succesful molt plus a new leg. Kind of funny considering I am having surgery in a couple days to fix my leg. Now we both will be healthy again. Also, I confirmed that what I thought may be a she is def. a he. What a happy new year so far and he will be looking for a misses in the future ;) !
  2. Congratulations! I too have a t with a hindered leg I just rescued off of craigslist. I'm pretty sure she's in pre-molt stages and I hope that the molt will help the leg. Great to hear your story and hopefully your surgery goes well also. Too bad we can't just molt and fix ourselves.