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theres always room for one more..

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by rapunzel, May 16, 2003.

  1. rapunzel

    rapunzel Arachnodemon Old Timer

    my youngest babies asleep on the loveseat.

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  2. So two cats, two dogs, two kids.....many Ts ? Correct me if Im wrong. :)

    What would life be like without animals ??? BORING! ;)
  3. rapunzel

    rapunzel Arachnodemon Old Timer

    i agree!

    boring without the animals..

    but I have:
    Three kids, Two kinda-step kids,
    ten T's, two turtles, one baby beardie, two Oscars,,,,,bunch of quail eggs in the incubator, four chicken eggs in the incubator...

    ummmm...the two dogs, the two cats...I think thats it, for now...
  4. Arachnopuppy

    Arachnopuppy Arachnodemon

    Is she wearing a diaper?
  5. rapunzel

    rapunzel Arachnodemon Old Timer

    yeah she is sleepin, or she was, before the flash..

    and no, its her undies, not a diaper.