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The Wormman's Worm Farm (www.wormman.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Gail, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Scorp guy

    Scorp guy Arachnoangel Old Timer


    I Made an order quite a while abck, but never posted it.

    It went great. i recieved 100 live Lobster roaches, and all were healthy. My colony of them still thrives as well :D Great packaging, and pricing, and they arrived on the specified date. :clap:
  2. Taceas

    Taceas Arachnodemon


    I'll post exactly what I posted over on the BOI on faunaclassifieds.com concerning my last purchase from Wormman. I am not happy with the lack of communication when I've been screwed out of $20.

    I called their complaint phone line (you can tell they get a lot or else they wouldn't have a dedicated number for upset people) and got no answer. I also got an error saying the message system was full. Charming. :rolleyes:

    I used to be a loyal Wormman customer back in 2000-2003 when I had lizards. They were the best around I'd found based on customer service, fast shipping, and great products.

    So when I needed a few things for arachnids and wild bird feeding I never thought I'd need to research before placing an order again. I mean, what business could let themselves sink so low in just a few short years.

    Placed my order on 12/11, it shipped (based on post mark on box 12/14), it arrived on 12/18.

    Order# 48429:
    1000 mealworms (medium)
    250 waxworms
    1 qt waxworm substrate
    1 gallon mealworm substrate
    10 B. dubia roaches

    When I opened the two boxes containing the order, I am missing the 1000 mealworms. I've left an e-mail, and no reply back in 2 days. (Now 3 days).

    After reading ALL of the negative replies after placing my order, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I don't care to pay my hard earned money only to be jerked around.

    Take your business elsewhere. It's not worth the hassle.
  3. ParabuthusKing

    ParabuthusKing Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Wormmans Wromfarm.. NEGATIVE!!!!

    I know many of you are like me and try to save on feeders by breeding roaches, crickets, etc... Well my roach colony just started to explode at the end of last summer ( I am fairly new to the hobby) and so I don't want to feed off all of them during the winter while they are being stagnant.. solution... buy crickets online.. anyways I bought crickets from this company twice with no problems.. healthy crickets delivered on time.. now I try for a third time and ???? I have had my credit card charged, and it has been almost 2 weeks with no delivery of a "2-3 day guaranteed delivery" I have tried to contact company multiple times through phone and email with absolutely no response.. they even have a telephone service contratced out through another company and after talking with them for multiple days with no response from the store I asked if others were complaining as well. The lady said "Yes, we have been having multiple complaints lately about the company" SO.. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS JERK..

    Worm Man's Worm Farm

    Damn I wish I had seen this thread earlier... it may have changed my mind about ordering from this guy.. maybe I will keep posting an edit once a month or so so that I can help remind others not to be tricked by this jerk and let him steal money from anyone else <disgruntled> sorry for the offensive post, I am a little riled up about this event still!!!!!!
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2007
  4. shespepper

    shespepper Arachnopeon

    WORST ever!!!

    WORST Possible internet order I've ever made.

    I ordered a bin and worms well over 1 month ago....the bin finally showed up (after I sent them multiple emails), but I have no worms -- STILL. Even though they have my money.

    I will be submitted a partial chargeback with my credit card company on Monday, and I STRONGLY urge anyone thinking about placing an order with this company to STAY AWAY !!! It is not worth it, and there are plenty of other reputable companies out there.

  5. reptile owner

    reptile owner Arachnopeon

    Very good company

    As a new reptile owner several moths ago, I of course needed to find a place to buy supplies. I am glad to say I don't have to look any more. Wormman's worm farm is one of the best. For a couple of months I have been buying supplies for my lizzards with very positive results. E.G., whenever I order mealworms or crickets,I recieve an ETA with a thank you and then a confirmation, to be followed by my order. If there is ever a problem, I contact their customer serviece and then recieve a solid, personilized response as to how it will be fixed. Currently, I have not gotten any of my orders DOA and have some verry happy lizards who love their high quality products.
  6. Tobarnis

    Tobarnis Arachnosquire

    Beware!!!! Beware!!!! Beware!!!! Beware!!!!

    Placed and paid for my order on 7/9/2008.
    No communication from them until I filed a PayPal dispute.
    Their reason for not shipping is that it is too hot outside to ship and they would ship week of 7/28/2008.
    It is now 35 days since I placed order and I still have not received it.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
  7. slvdv

    slvdv Arachnopeon

    Same problem

    I have also encountered the same issue with these guys. Not sure what to do, but may have to file a paypal claim also. I had used them in the past, with never a problem.
  8. Vaughn

    Vaughn Arachnosquire

    Had the same experence , ordered 2000 pin heads and nothing for 3 weeks . Would not return a message nothing so I filed a claim . A couple of days before claim was due a box shows up . In the container was a piece of wet sponge that was bouncing around loose , needless to say in pulverised 95% of the crickets . Now what to do file another claim , well they hadn't been in contact with paypal so paypal found in my favor on the first claim . Worked out for me but only by acident .
  9. TheDarkFinder

    TheDarkFinder Arachnoangel Old Timer

    www.wormman.com the Craig years.


    I decided to start a fresh thread, because the company is under new management. As of 10-26-2008.

    I order a thousand crickets, from them on the Nov 7 2008.

    I got the order has been confirmed the same day, it is now Nov 13 2008, the crickets have not been shipped, they have not answered a single email, nor will answer the phone.

    I can not wait a week for them to get it together, there are lot of people out there that would love to have my business.

    They claim to have a "office" with a "staff". I do not know.

    They also pull a very low con job of offering you "upgrades" as you finish our order.

    I would avoided them, it is just not worth it.
  10. Frackzilla

    Frackzilla Arachnopeon

    :mad: Guess what??? I got ripped off, I bet your surprise.. what no your not?

    This guy has to be stopped theyre stealing from so many people it has to be at felony levels by now, please do not support this guy even if you have done business with him before, hes stealing from people and if you give him money your just contributing to that. Im doing some research now to see if any charges can be placed on this guy, if possible I will file charges on this jerk and I urge all of you to get the word out about this guy and hopefully with a little effort we can bring this thieve down.


    I hope your reading this cause I got you in my sites a hole :evil:
  11. james

    james Arachnobaron Old Timer


    These guys owe me $900. I was shipping roaches for them for a while then they stopped paying the bill. They tried some bs thing like new management but if you palce an order don't expect to get anything but ripped off. These are bad people.
  12. JC

    JC Arachnoprince

    Double Negative!

    The first time I ordered I waited for my worms an ENTIRE MONTH before I got them. I tried emailing them and got no responses until the week before they arrived. I thought, hey just one bad experience right? Maybe just bad luck, right? WRONG! I made the mistake of ordering again. I canceled because I was tired of waiting. My order was canceled but I NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK TO THIS DAY!!! I tried emailing them at least seven times, and I got a message telling me they could not find my order. So I just gave up.

    NEGATIVE!!! NEGATIVE!!! NEGATIVE!!! :mad: :mad:
  13. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince Old Timer


    My first negative review!

    In the past I have dealt with this company and it has always been a bit of a waiting game to get your crickets. Roaches were even a longer wait. I still would occasionally do business with them because even though you had to wait, eventually the product came and it was of a good quality.

    When I moved I was near another supplier so I was able to get crickets as needed. I stopped ordering from wormman, but never had a bad experience to this point.

    Recently I needed redworms and thought I'd once again try wormman. I ordered the worms on the 19th of October and according to their shipping terms of service, they were to be shipped that week. Nothing arrived. I though perhaps it was due to my ordering them near the cut-off time, but the next week (plenty of time to prepare and ship the order) still nothing. I contacted them numerous times through their website....still no response. I even used a personal email address. Still nothing. In the past when things were delayed, they at least had the decency to communicate with you and tell you they were going to be delayed if it was more than a week. This time I am not even sure they are still around! After numerous attempts to contact them I contacted my bank and had the charges on my card reversed.

    This company is pathetic. Do not order from them. As if the numerous bad reviews above weren't enough, here is one more. There was not response to multiple attempts to communicate with them and the worms were never shipped. Spend your money with a company that appreciates your business and won't take your money and never ship the product.