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The Horn

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Sky`Scorcher, May 5, 2009.

  1. Sky`Scorcher

    Sky`Scorcher Arachnoknight

    Have you guys tried touching your C.Darlingi's horn?

    Sorry, just curious.:p
  2. Ceratogyrus

    Ceratogyrus Arachnobaron

    Yes i have, why? If the answer you are looking for is, is it hard or soft, then its hard. :)
  3. LirvA

    LirvA Arachnosquire

    What is the purpose of the horn?
  4. Moltar

    Moltar ArachnoGod

    It's a speial sensory organ they use to hear the sound of one hand clapping.
  5. LirvA

    LirvA Arachnosquire

    ha ha :slapsknee:

    So is it one of those kind of things that just no one knows?
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  6. Moltar

    Moltar ArachnoGod

    Nobody really knows. I've heard a few different theories but AFAIK nothing has been proven.
  7. Sky`Scorcher

    Sky`Scorcher Arachnoknight

    Did she react in a certain way like, going into a murderous rampage or something?
  8. redsaw

    redsaw Arachnoknight

  9. LirvA

    LirvA Arachnosquire

    "which is thought to aid the spider with increased food storage, much needed in the dry scrubland where they naturally exist (note that the horn is less developed in mature males)."

    Isn't their stomach in their abdomen though? Not their uh ... Carapace? (had to look that up lol)
  10. Zoltan

    Zoltan Cult Leader

    The expression you're looking for is prosoma (also called cephalothorax, which is incorrect BTW), the carapace is just what's on the top of it. The sucking stomach is located in the prosoma, they also store food in the prosoma. If you're interested in learning about digestion in spiders, click here.
  11. LirvA

    LirvA Arachnosquire

    Oh I see. Thank you for the link. Will read.
  12. wedge07

    wedge07 Arachnolord

    I have never heard that it was used for extra storage? :confused: It is located right where the central apodeme is normally located. The central apodeme is one of the main attachment points for a Ts muscles. I thought that perhaps the horn allowed for more surface area for muscle attachment.
  13. Sathane

    Sathane Arachnoking

    LOL. I thought it was an antenna to communicate with the mothership and doubles to improve the reception of XM satellite radio stations. A huge improvement over the previous internal antennae.

  14. scar is my t

    scar is my t Arachnobaron

    they are just try to full you........ thats exactly what them horns are for........lol
  15. Sathane

    Sathane Arachnoking

    Ah, jokes on me then. Ethan is a craft little devil.