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Thai rainbows?

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by MesiTheMillipede, May 10, 2017.

  1. MesiTheMillipede

    MesiTheMillipede Arachnopeon

    So when I first got into millipedes I purchased a Thai rainbow millipede called Mali - he fortunately passed away...

    I've been searching and searching for Thai rainbows ever since and got sold some from a local store...

    Are they just juveniles or are they not Thai rainbows?
    I'll upload photos of both - the more colourful one was Mali :)

    Thanks!! 20160806_153204.jpg 20170510_175833.jpg 20170510_180235.jpg
  2. mickiem

    mickiem Arachnoprince Active Member

    Are you in the US? Mali isn't one of the Thai Rainbows (apeuthes) that we usually see here.

    My guess is no;but i've never seen the other Thai rainbow develop (Tonkinbolus)
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  3. RTTB

    RTTB Arachnoprince Active Member

    Beautiful coloration.
  4. kermitdsk

    kermitdsk Arachnosquire

    Mali was defentely a Tonkinbolus dollfusi. Not sure about the other one... How big is it?
  5. MesiTheMillipede

    MesiTheMillipede Arachnopeon

    The other guys are around 7 - 9cms at an estimate? The male is a lot smaller however at around 5cms approximately! I also think they're currently mating (sorry for the terrible photo quality) but can anyone confirm this?
    Just looking on Google - it looks like Mali was definitely Thai Rainbow, but these guys look like Tonkinbolus caudulanus? Do they have a common name such as Thai Rainbow?
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  6. MesiTheMillipede

    MesiTheMillipede Arachnopeon

    Sorry didn't realise how to quote - see above message :)