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Telodeinopus assiensis

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by SlowFox64, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    Nice work! I think I've only ever seen this species in books. What length do the adults reach.

    Oh, and it's great to see visual confirmation that isopods don't mess about with the eggs.
  2. cacoseraph

    cacoseraph ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Or at least that those isopods dont mess with those eggs. Some bugs that use chemical defenses can impregnate their eggs with them, but not necessarily all species in a genus do. Also those look like dwarf white isopods... the A. vulgarum might be a dif story
  3. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    Good point. The whole 'isopods in a millipede breeder tank' issue has bothered me for some time. My general thinking is if they will consume the eggs of mites, why not the eggs of other creatures/living tissues? But I'll leave it at. Maybe SlowFox has some insight?
  4. cacoseraph

    cacoseraph ArachnoGod Old Timer

    yeah, i don't know any definites on the subject, but i try to error on the side of caution. of course, i have bits of mold and mites and springtails etc that i deal with in my milli enclosures, so i am not ever sure what the actual side of caution *is*

    i wonder if we could search up enough data to maybe draw some trends from? i'm game if anyone else is :)
  5. Hypoponera

    Hypoponera Arachnopeon

    What do you need? I have kept Isopods with all my millipedes, but have no idea of Isopods species. They are large and gray and found in my yard. But if they eat eggs, they did not eat many. My Narceus americanus, Spirostreptidae sp1, and Tonkinbolus caudulanus have loads of little ones crawling about.

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    Helt bra!!

    I like how they are all slightly different color.
  6. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    I'm game but it's an exhausting subject. Here's a big 'ol bibliography:


    On the subject, anybody got citations on the whole 'isopods eating mite eggs' phenomena? I see it reported by hobbyists but have never seen a mention of it outside of forums.
  7. length: 11,5-14,5cm
    width: 8-9,5mm
    segments: 53-55


    I have Trichorhina tomentosa in all my millipedes cans and it works fine.

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    It is the major isopods which can cause problems if they become too numerous, the risk is that they eat up the food for juveniles peds
    if they eat the eggs, I know nothing about and have not heard anything about it either
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