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User Teejrocks's Tarantula Pictures

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by Teejrocks, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks Arachnopeon

    Hi All!

    Have been lurking for a while and finally made an account. Far more excitingly, just got our first (and second) tarantulas.

    On July 6th, my daughter and I surprised my wife with a cute little Brachypelma boehemi that we found as we were shopping at our LFS. My wife obviously has named her Charlotte, and has upgraded her obligatory 16oz deli cup to a slightly larger glass jar for better viewing.

    She is just a bit smaller than an inch, maybe closer to 3/4. The "measurement" photo was taken on the inside radius of the glass with 1/4" square graph paper on the outside of the glass, the glass seems reasonably thick for Dollarama too so not the most accurate measurement. She has already eaten twice, one meal worm that was maybe 1.5 times her body length and a more appropriately sized wax worm pupa.

    Just yesterday, finished upgrading her enclosure, it now has integrated LED and a tiny water dish I carved from stone that holds about 2 drops of water. We're still adding a couple mL of water at each feeding, a drop or two on the stone and the rest down at the bottom of the substrate.






    Second T photos/info and upgrades pics coming soon.

    Partially just feel need to share with someone and we don't know any tarantula keepers, also open to feedback as me and my family are new to these awesome animals.

    Thanks to everyone who's posts I have read and learned from over the last month or two prior to getting our first T. And thanks to Sam from Big Al's in Edmonton, Ab, for helping me pick my first. ( I know she kept several herself, but never asked if she was into any forums, but the Karma can't hurt! )

    And thanks to the seasoned vets who still find amusement viewing or responding to yet another "Look at my first tarantula" post.

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  2. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks Arachnopeon

    I should mention that the boehemi is a new species, I recently discovered resting on the hemi engine of some guy named Bo... I apparently am capable of italicizing properly, but incapable of spelling.

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  3. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks Arachnopeon

    So the night after we surprised the wife with her Mexican fireleg, I was trolling the online classifieds for a new aquarium. Decide to throw "tarantula" into the search box and find a crazy awesome deal only about an hours drive away. Turns out this really nice lady had this tarantula for the last four years and knew it was around a year old when she took over its care. The first owner had handled it but she had just fed & watered it since. The photo online actually showed the entire spider standing in the water dish.

    So for $100 plus another 15 in gas and coffee and I had an awesome Chilean Rose with a mint condition, if not horribly dirty and filled with piles of cricket corpses 18"x24"x12" Exo-terra with a few other goodies. Thank god I had thought to cover the terrarium with a sheet to avoid the sun roasting my new acquisition on the ride home, because it smelled absolutely foul. Apparently she had been throwing 4-6 crickets in weekly but just witnessed her feeding for the first time when she went to take photos for the ad. Needless to say there were mounds of dead crickets and the whole enclosure reeked of a dirty cricket pen, not that the tarantula cared. I asked her about how she knew it was a female, to which she replied that a friend had told her that it had a "big butt" which meant that it was a female. As I knew that the price she wanted was worth it for the exo-terra alone and while a long term female would be super, I really didn't care.

    Shortly after getting home, and unloading and gaining the nerve to re house my second ever tarantula. Thankfully, she was the stereotypical pet rock portrayed by her species despite not being moved in years, and gladly crawled in to the tupperware which we secured in a 10 gallon so we could dump and sanitize the terrarium. Mistake 1 was the 10 gallon as she was hanging from the screen top the first time I checked, mistake 2 was rushing her back into the exo-terra with too damp substrate. After an hour of watching her climb walls a quick search here led to the University of Calgary site, and a shoe box sized plastic bin was "fixed" with my soldering iron she was in a nicer dry home for the next 18 hours while the eco earth spread on shelves gets acquainted with the dehumidifier.

    By the next night the substrate was mostly dry, and we re scaped her terrarium. The air is still slightly more humid in the terrarium over ambient but the top inch or so of eco earth was bone dry and she is much happier! Not 100% sure of her sex, but absolutely no sign of hooks or gloves. Showed some really cool activity the night she was in the temporary tank. The plastic shoebox was sitting on my printer, and for some reason I printed something at like 12:30 am, about a minute after the printer finished is post print clean cycle she started drumming on the bottom of the bin. Did it another 2 times over the next half hour too... very cool!

    Enough blogging...

    Only have a couple of good shots so far, but will get more soon. Oh and of course I'll give a zoomed out shot of the pet rock in her 3 square feet of ridiculous floor space, eventually she'll be moved into a more appropriate sized enclosure, but for now the queen can enjoy the room.

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  4. Did you get both for $100? Or just g porteri & exo terra. Congrats great choices. Exo terra cost to much for me I just flip a 10 gal and build a lid. Awesome !!! Been ages since I got Chilean rose it’s still doing well. Webb’s the enclosure a ton too.
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  5. tewebag

    tewebag Arachnoknight

    Nice read. That gauge you have shown in the very last picture is not at all useful for tarantulas.

    And just since you are newer to the hobby you generally want 1.5 to 2 times the length of the tarantula in lid to ground length to avoid any fall damage. That first one looks a little far of a drop.

    I know how it goes to want to fully show off and view your brand new tarantulas but smaller slings do tend to grow faster and hide less in smaller enclourses. Given the chance they have a habit of tending to burrow, refuse food at times and grow slow. Small enclourses encourage them to adapt the entire enclourse as its "burrow"
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  6. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks Arachnopeon

    The 100 was just the adult Chilean with the exo terra & supplies, but still was a great deal. The sling was from the pet shop @ 39.99, which didn't seem horrible as my only price comparisons were TarCan & Arachnophiliacs... Thanks for the 10 G tank suggestion, I have one put aside to house "big momma" should I ever need the terrarium or space for something else.

    Appreciate the feedback for sure! I may have done a decent amount of reading but I am very new. I was actually slightly leery on the height of the jar for the boehmei, even in the pet store's deli cup, they had given it like 3" of space above the substrate. And you are of course 100% correct on the wanting to show off / better viewing being the reason for the jar. After rescuing the rose hair from the screen lid 15 minutes after trying to give her slightly damp substrate, I'm not sure why I didn't think to shrink the head space in the jar, I actually have 2 more bricks of eco earth drying out to shorten the big girls fall zone. I'll try and convince the wife that we should at minimum raise the substrate level to reduce the risk of a fall injury, if not move to a smaller space. We actually just snagged some smaller shorter jars for future use, they just need the air holes drilled and micro screens glued in.

    And I totally agree about the analogue humidity gauge, unglued it and the temp gauge to sanitize the enclosure and didn't have plans to reattach. After giving the poor girl damp substrate I threw it in and it pegged to 100%, and despite being in a room dehumidified to ~35% for several days since to dry the eco earth, the gauge still hasn't dropped from 80%. I see why everyone hates cheap humidity gauges! At least the temp gauge is reasonably accurate.
  7. I dono if you can replace screen lid on exo terra probably not, there might be a way to make it so let’s dont get stuck . Anyone know?!
  8. tewebag

    tewebag Arachnoknight

    Tell her that a faster larger one is better for viewing than a tiny little sling lol

    Cut a piece of acrylic that matches the size of the lid of the enclourse then glue that piece in place (with air holes) underneath the wire mesh lid. Provides the barrier without the risk of a stuck T
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  9. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks Arachnopeon

    Thankfully, climbing walls and the cover ceased when I gave her dry substrate. But I agree that acrylic/plexi top would work well as bowing should be minimal thanks to the low humidity. Although with the price of plexi around here, a sheet of glass might be way cheaper, and I've cut many a hole in sheet glass.

    I see why you're laughing, trying to convince a newbie that his adult G. rosea is "fast" and better viewing ;). I totally get you, but dang that .75" of sling in ~4" diameter jar has put on far more of a show than the ~4-5" of adult Chilean tarantula in her ridiculously large 3 square foot exo-terra. Man that fire leg sling hits it's prey freaking hard, I gotta find me an affordable macro lens for my DSLR. To be fair, the big girl probably did 3 months worth of walking trying to escape the damp eco earth I tried to give her and was likely tired. :banghead:

    I'll be sure to remember the camera for the next feeding, and post if I get anything cool. Thanks again for the advice!

    Just snagged this one with my new phone... Supposed to be a photo thread right... When your the wide angle lens on your phone takes passable macro shots at 5" and your camera can't...:bigtears: I tried to grab another shot with a 6" tong for scale while she was in full spread, but wasn't able to ninja place it in frame and she moved... For rough scale, the rock between her two front legs was a touch over 6.5cm or about 2.5". Not sure how close to the "relaxed" pose for DLS estimation this one is but was an easy 5 inches like this...

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  10. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks Arachnopeon

    Newest acquisition,

    I was sold as Hapalopus triseriatus, under the common dwarf lemon patch. I have been watching the two slings that they had when I got the boehmei but were both so tiny before they molted. Still pretty tiny, but awesome looking slings. Picked the bigger of the two they had, I think my daughter will claim this one as she probably wont want to wait 4 weeks until the expo...

    They had moved them into the 16(?)oz deli cup from a maybe 2oz vial when they molted, but at half an inch of T, the tub seemed way too huge. Couldn't find a decent vial so for now is in a small jar with a tiny bit bigger diameter than a "condiment cup," about 3.5" tall with mostly substrate for a safe head space. Also included 2 pre dug burrows...

    Now a couple pics

  11. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks Arachnopeon

    So the H. triseriatus molted 4 days after it came home, also happened to be the first molt for us, just a month after starting to keep tarantulas. Then on August 6th, I came home to a molting hammock and a freshly molted B. boehmei. I can't believe the size difference on both of them, carapace at lease doubled on the boehmei and both seem much leggier.

    Managed to get a few photos and videos of the triseriatus within 20 minutes of the start of the molt which as a newbie was so amazing! Two adults and a 6 year old jockeying for the best view of a tiny glass jar is amusing as well.

    20180731_205320 (2).jpg
    20180731_205735 (2).jpg
    20180731_205325 (2).jpg

    All I had was very big super worms, and the first cut piece a few days post molt was moved, but appeared little if any feeding occurred. But I put another freshly chopped worm chunk in close to her new burrow as she was hovering near the opening with 4 legs poking out and she latched on within minutes, By yesterday the stupid T drug the huge worm chunk to the bottom of the jar and has been feeding since...



    And here are a couple of the post molt boehmei, and a few of her enjoying the other half of the superworm a few days later.
    20180806_220220 (2).jpg
    20180806_220252 (2).jpg
    20180803_230313 (2).jpg
    20180810_221740 (2).jpg

    Yeah, we're definitely hooked now... Better set a budget before we go the western Canada reptile expo in a couple weeks...

    Thanks for looking, and for sharing in your own photo threads too!
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