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Tarantula Societies

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Martin H., Dec 29, 2004.

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  5. Just some minor correction to what wolfpak posted.

    It's Philippine Tarantula and Scorpion Society
  6. The DFW- TAG (Tarantula and Arachnid Group) meets once a month; social (humans) arrange 'dates' for love lorn tarantulas, 'show and tell'. Great people to be around and the enthusiasm is contagious.

    Check Yahoo groups for the correct address or contact mark@neuworldtarantulas.com
  7. Add Colorado To The List!

    The Rocky Mountain Exotic Pet Society

    Not Just Specifically Tarantulas, But all inverts, marsupials and various other animals that have hit the market in the last couple of years...
    Our Website addy is Http://www.rmeps.org

    Any questions can be directed to myself or Clearlysaid (Bell) here on AB
  8. cacoseraph

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    Southern California Arachnid, Bug, Invertebrate, Entomological Society

    Though we are not a tarantula society specifically we certainly have a lot of members who concentrate in them.


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  9. Martin, the Philippines Society is now called" The Philippine Tarantula and Scorpion Society Inc" (our SEC registration already came out and we are not legally recognized by the Philippine Government)
  10. KenTheBugGuy

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    San Francisco Bay Area Tarantula Society
  11. _Gooty_

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    How about Korean Society? http://www.cafe.daum.net/goodtaran

    I'm manager of korean Society.. and we have twenty thousand person who loves tarantula..

    But foreigner has some problems to join us society...

    (My nick name is Skeleton)
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  13. Taipan

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    US Australian Theraphosid Society for those of us lucky enough in the US (or worldwide) to have some of these great spiders from Australia. Forum and Database so that breeding exchanges can happen to keep these species going strong in the US.
  14. James H

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    Arizona Local Invert and Entomology Network


    Have you been abducted yet?

  15. reclusa

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    East Central Texas Tarantula and Arachnid Group

    We are the East Central Texas branch of DFW_TAG from the DFW area of Texas. We are a group of tarantula and other invertebrate enthusiasts. We are a place for those into these bugs to meet, and trade ideas and tips. Meetings will be on the second Saturday of the month In Fairfield, Texas once they get started. DFW_TAG has it's meetings on the first Saturday of the month. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/DFW_TAG/
  16. Songofthesoul

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  17. xhexdx

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    Tampa Area Tarantula Society (TATS)


    We also have a yahoo group that I created some time back but is being used for this society:


    As of now we have 20-25 members and hold meetings every other month. We have a featured genus at every meeting (we talk a little about the genus and its general housing, breeding, care, etc. for each species) and we organize breeding as well. One of our members (Katy_Green) has a dissecting microscope we use to sex molts. It's very informal and we have a good time getting to know each other and teaching each other new things about the tarantulas we love so much.

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