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Tarantula pop names

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by JimPP, Oct 17, 2008.

How do you feel about Pop Names

  1. Pop names are fine...

    7 vote(s)
  2. Pop names are useless

    16 vote(s)
  1. JimPP

    JimPP Arachnosquire

    Okay, so, reading different threads in here, and im starting to think about the use of Pop Names, it seems to be very popular in the states? however it starts to bug me a little, seeing a Thread names "Giant White Knee" or "Brazillian Blond" and so on. I catch my self thinking what in the f is a Giant White Knee (turns out to be a A. geniculata... fair enough, but I can mention other big species that also has white knees so that pop name dont really help me alot).

    So I start to think, what do people prefer? As I see it pop names should be banned by law, in denmark - were I am from, I have seen B. smithi described af Mexican Red Knee, Mexican Flame Knee, Fire legs, flame legs and even Fire Tarantula. The end result is people buying tarantulas that they dont know how to handle or even what species it is - wich makes the caresheet a little hard to figure out/find?

    How do you feel about Pop Names?
  2. You're kind of late on this one-

    It's a rather popular topic in the forums and most members agree that scientific names are the far more appropriate terms of usage. Most of the threads your reading regarding 'common' names are by newbs or those unused to the scientific names.

    But, they learn, and all is well.
  3. Sabatta

    Sabatta Arachnoknight

    I think they're fine. As you said, A Geniculata is also know as a giant white knee. You can't call a different species of T by the same common name just because it has white knees, just as you couldn't call it A Geniculata. It's common name is as exclusive to it as it's Latin name. Some are confusing, but it's just a question of getting to know which is which and discarding the misinformation.
  4. That's actually completely untrue.
    The reason people prefer the scientific names is because there are tons of 'common' names for various tarantulas, a lot of which are used for more than one, one called many, and some are just plain made up.

    Their 'common' names are not at all exclusive.
  5. Sabatta

    Sabatta Arachnoknight

    That's what I meant by misinformation.

    And I read somewhere on here that a common name for a T has to be officially recognized by the scientific community and can't just be given out without the proper legislation. At least I though I read it here. Or maybe I'm misinformed.
  6. JimPP

    JimPP Arachnosquire

    I had the feeling that at some point in time this had been up for debate, and I made some searches too before posting - apperently I was'nt searching wiht the right criteria. My bad.
  7. You don't have to apologize, you don't ask, you don't know. At least this theory works sometimes.
    But now you know ;-)
  8. Shagrath666

    Shagrath666 Arachnobaron

    i thought you meant pop culture names at first like Hanna Montana, and Brittny Spears. Then they would be even more pointless!
  9. Aurelia

    Aurelia Arachnoprince Old Timer

  10. YEP THERES lots of normal names hair metal spiders right latan names the only way to tell what tarantula it is . :) :) :)
  11. Mushroom Spore

    Mushroom Spore Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha {D

    No, if it were even REMOTELY that well organized, we wouldn't have a problem. But pet stores and dealers and newbie owners can and do call them whatever the heck they feel like, call half a dozen species "giant white knee," sell a G. rosea as a Chilean Flame Birdeater, and go on their merry way. There is no order, rhyme, or reason whatsoever.
  12. Pop names are fine sometimes, scientific names are fine sometimes too.
    If I'm asking a quick question here, typing GBB is way easier than typing out Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens. But then I'm making the assumption that those most likely to answer my question won't be puzzled by GBB. Scientific names avoid confusion, even though I'm still having to take the time to look them up, I'm more than willing to go through the exercise of doing it.
  13. 7mary3

    7mary3 Arachnodemon

    See, you can't really use GBB as an example in this case, as that it happens to be one of the few exceptions to the rule. The GBB and the OBT, are perhaps the two 'common' type names that are not made up on the spot by dealers. They're very clearly and specifically directed towards one particular species, and are well recognized as such.

    You are citing the exception, not the rule by using GBB.
  14. jb7741

    jb7741 Arachnoknight

    Pet stores are out for a profit. It sounds much cooler to have a Chilean Flame Birdeater, than a G. Rosea.
  15. Moltar

    Moltar ArachnoGod

    Allow me to illustrate...

    Please assign correct scientific names to the following.

    Brazilian White Knee
    Brazilian Black And White
    Brazilian White Leg
    Costa Rican Stripe Knee
    Costa Rican Zebra
    Thai Zebra
    Costa Rican Tiger Rump
    Thai Tiger
    Earth Tiger

    Maybe they're all different species, maybe some are the same. With the similarity of some of these names (which I just pulled out of my head more or less at random) illustrate the difficulty of this situation.
  16. Ohøj sømand Jim gamle svinger!!!

    Pop names are more than useless, and makes the biginner spend precius time learning the popnames, instead of the scientiffic names to start with.
    I dont know other pop names than red legged, but hey thats arround 4-5 spiders in one name anyway{D

    Regards Mikael
  17. Yes, you make a good point. I chose that particular T to illustrate the ease of typing GBB opposed to it's scientific name which contains so many letters.
  18. Scott C.

    Scott C. Arachnofloater Arachnosupporter

    Latin names all the way.... but Joe Shmo asking, "OOOOO What's that called!?" doesn't want to hear 'em, so they've their purpose.
  19. ShellsandScales

    ShellsandScales Arachnobaron

    This is just not true. That is exactly the problem with common names is you can call the T whatever you want. Most common names come from either the person that collected it, the importer, or the pet store owner. Usually based on superficial features, or something exciting to catch the buyers attention like anything that is called birdeater. Many T's have multiple common names and many common names have been used for more than one species of tarantula. I agree that they aren't totally useless because they can help bridge the gap between common and latin when people are just starting out and learning. I've found its easier to learn the latin if you have a common name to associate it with, but once you're on the right track with latin names the common names are just useless, and a good way to end up with the wrong info or the wrong spider.
  20. just tonight, i was showing a buddy my Ts. when he asked what one of them was called, i explained that it was an Aphonopelma hent... :confused: a texas brown tarantula! the scientific name had left him dumbfounded and bored. i had to revert to a common name in order for my buddy to even hold a slight interest. :rolleyes: