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Tarantula Canada (http://www.tarantulacanada.ca)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by pelo, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. pelo

    pelo Arachnoangel Old Timer


    I've dealt with Martin Gamache (Tarcan) out of Montreal Canada.My transaction with Martin was very positive in all aspects.I had placed an order appr. 1.5 months ago.During this time he kept in frequent contact and updated regularily the status of the order he was expecting.When it arrived I was notified and the business/transactions were made.All were done quickly,professionally and courteously.My order was shipped as soon as the money was recieved.I recieved it the following day.Packaging was excellent and all animals arrived in excellent condition and my order was exactly what I wanted with a couple of bonuses.I highly recommend Martin.His selection is excellent with a lot of the rarer hard to get species.His animals are of excellent quality.His prices are very competitive and he conducts his business in a professional manner.He can be reached either through the boards by pm(tarcan) or e-mail...selenocosmia@videotron.ca....peace..

    Martin's Website
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  2. pelo

    pelo Arachnoangel Old Timer


    Since my last dealing with Martin I've had a couple more transactions with Martin involving large money and rare species.Again Martin was fast,courteous and very professional in all dealings/transactions.I'm more than satisfied in dealing with Martin.He comes highly recommended in my books...peace..

    Martin's Website
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2003
  3. skinheaddave

    skinheaddave SkorpionSkin Arachnosupporter


    I have dealt with Martin on three different occasions now. In all cases, the transactions were conducted professionaly and also honestly, with full disclosure of all pertenent information. My only complaint with Martin is that he deals primarily with tarantulas and only infrequently with scorpions. That being said, when he has scorpions available they are never your run-of-the-mill scorpions, but always something a little unique and at a great price.

  4. Sequin

    Sequin Arachnobaron Old Timer


    okay ive been meaning to do this. About a week ago i received my BEAUTIFUL Chaco from Martin (tarcan) at tarantulacanada.ca. I totally recommend (SP?) him for all Canadians. I knew nothing about shipping/ordering...lol.... ya any way hes a really patient nice guy he went through all the steps with me , and he even gave me two little zebra beauty freebies. Well thats my little two bits and i should be ordering from him again sometime soon :p
  5. I agree...

    First time getting animals in the mail... so was quite worried... he assured me they would be ok... got them... and sure enough... execellent condition... I WILL be doing business with him again...


  6. moricollins

    moricollins Arachnoprince Old Timer


    THis was my first experience purchasing anything over the internet, and as of now, i couldn't be any more pleased than I am now.

    Martin was easy to contact, and very helpful. I purchased a 1.5" E. Campestratus, and received 2! A. Seemanni slings for free.

    My package took longer than anticipated to arrive (2 days), the spiders weren't terribly active once unpacked (can you blame them), but they have since recuperated and are active and hungry.

    It was a pleasure dealing with Martin, he will get ALL my tarantula business from this point on.

  7. Mr. X

    Mr. X Arachnoknight


    I went to Martin's house today to buy a scorpion (Parabuthus Transvaalicus).
    I thought it would be an ordinary business deal but we talked about an hour. He's a really good guy who make you feel like you're a friend and not only a single custumer. His collection is [U]amazing[/U] you can barely walk between the shelves, there's so much tarantulas (hundreds and hundreds) and not only the ones everybody own but some extremely rare.

    He's a passionate so you know your inverts will be in good health. The prices are better than almost any petshops.

    He only got a small amount of scorpion but he can get some if you ask him...and its often the rare ones.

  8. CIRE

    CIRE Arachnobaron Old Timer


    All I can say is WOW!!! :eek: Amazing specimens and excellent communication and service make Martin and Tarantula Canada #1 in my books!

    I will definitely be doing business with him again!!!!

    Thanks Martin!

  9. Chris R

    Chris R Arachnopeon

    Kudos for Martin at Tarantula Canada

    Just received my latest shipment from Martin, e-mail 'tarcan' at Tarantula Canada.

    - 4 1" L. parahybana
    - 2 4" E. murinus
    - 1 1" B. rudloffi

    Packaging, communications and T's all first rate. If anyone out there hasn't dealt with Martin before, (is there anyone?) don't delay, it's always a pleasure.

    Thanks Martin,

  10. Shiver

    Shiver Banned duplicate account


    Martin's sale to my roommate and my self was awesome. I ordered a Poecilotheria regalis spiderling and a Citharischius crawshayi spiderling. They came in amazing condition and he shipped a bunch of free stuff to us as well. We got two little A Avicularia spiderlings, two A Seemani spiderlings and my favorite...a Chilobrachys andersoni spiderling. I will definitely be ordering from him in the future.
  11. Chris R

    Chris R Arachnopeon

    Tarantula Canada

    Kudos for Martin

    Just received my latest shipment from Martin.

    - 4 1" L. parahybana
    - 2 4" E. murinus
    - 1 1" B. rudloffi

    Packaging, communications and T's all first rate. If anyone out there hasn't dealt with Martin before, (is there anyone?) don't delay, it's always a pleasure. Expecting my next shipment of 4 - rudloffis, 1 - pulchra.
    I've read in posts it's easier to receive in the U.S. from Canada than the reverse. Martin's site should be checked out. Prices are in Canadian, they're cheaper and with the exchange you guys can't go wrong!

    Thanks Martin,

  12. Our family received our first order from Martin last week, and we are extremely pleased. He was very helpful, easy to talk to, very informative, and all round, a pleasure to deal with. The tarantulas all arrived in fine form, and are very healthy.
    We are in the process of placing another order with him this week. :)
    We were undecided on one of the T's that we wanted, and Martin so kindly made a suggestion on a C. fasciatum. All I can say is "WOW", what an amazing creature this one is. Martin really knows his stuff.
  13. moricollins

    moricollins Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I was lucky enough to visit Martin at his house, and get the tour of all his spiders, and get a nice good look at many of his gorgeous adult (and not so adult) tarantulas.

    Martin is INCREDIBLY nice, wonderful to deal with. He helped me pick out some amazing tarantulas, I got a C. fasciatum, H. maculata, P. irminia, and C. marshalli, all at a very good price, they are all in amazing shape, already well adjusted to my enclosures. Martin also included some cups/vials for when i got home to transfer the tarantulas into.

    a delight, made the 6 hour trip to Montreal worth it :)

  14. Sheri

    Sheri Arachnoking


    I have ordered many times now from Martin and not once has there been any issues. Nothing has ever been lost in the mail, nothing has ever arrived D.O.A, and the service was tremendous. I barrage him with questions, and I receive prompt, and friendly answers.
    The selection of animals he has available is amazing - so good in fact, that it seems I cannot stop buying them.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2004
  15. moricollins

    moricollins Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I recently had another order from Martin. I ordered (and received) 2 Homoeomma sp "blue", 2 Pterinochilus lugardi, and an N. carapoensis.

    All arrived in good shape, well shipped, though the Homoeomma's were a little smaller than i was expecting, but that just means i'll have them longer:)

    another great transaction

  16. Fred

    Fred Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I agree with all of you. I ordered a 1.5" T. blondi about 2 months ago and it was perfect.
  17. moricollins

    moricollins Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I had the opportunity to visit Martin again at his house, and see his awesome collection as well as his setups. I also had the opportunity to buy from him again, and the transaction went amazingly well. He didn't have everything I had ordered in at that point in time, but mailed them to me when they arrived at his house (after making sure they were healthy and eating :) ), everything went smoothly, another excellent transaction.

    Always patiently answers my multitude of PM's that I send too.

    Definite recommend.
  18. Lorgakor

    Lorgakor Arachnomom Old Timer


    I made my first purchase with Martin and Amanda, I ordered one A. versicolor and one A. huriana. They were a b-day present from my hubby, such a nice guy!
    Anyway, they were awesome to deal with, I would definitely order from them again. They have so much to choose from! Martin also threw in two baby N. chromatus, so nice of him! The two Avics were also much bigger than I was expecting, they are so cute!
    All in all, a very positive experience!
  19. Several Orders

    We have had several orders from Martin and Amanda in the past few months, and again and again, everything was perfect. Thanks to them, our collection has grown tremendously, with some pretty special T's ;)
  20. Fred

    Fred Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I agree, Martin and Amanda are good people. I ordered a 5" female Poecilotheria regalis from them recently and they threw in a few n chromatus for free.