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Tank to big?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Ozzfreak, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Hello, I'm new here. I am getting ready to get a few new tarantulas, and I was wondering if my tank I have is to big. It is a 50 gallon fish tank. about 3 ft wide, 2 ft deep and tall, these are approximate, I can't find my tape measure at the moment. I'm looking in to getting one of these to put in it........

    Curly Hair Tarantula(Brachypelma albopilosum)
    Mexican Red Rump (Brachypelma vagans)
    Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola aureostriata)
    Chilean Rose Tarantula(Grammostola rosea)

    Any help is appreciated.


    Oh, i didn't mention, I will not be keeping these in the same tank. I also have a 10 gallon to put the other in. Just thought I"d mention it.

  2. MikeW

    MikeW Arachnosquire Old Timer

    That's pretty big for any of those Ts, unless that Chaco is fully grown, and even then you're pushing it. Most of those only get around 6" (Chacos up to 8"), and will do fine in a 10 gal when they're full grown. Generally the rule to go by is the tank needs to be around 3x as long and 2x as wide as the actual tarantula. Also the height between the top of the tank and the ground should be 1.5 or 2x as high as the length of their body since terrestrials can hurt themselvs pretty badly if they fall.
  3. Beccas_824

    Beccas_824 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    First off, a 50 gallon tank is way to big for ANY T IMO. 10 gallon is porbably the max size for even the largest speices to be kept in.
    How big are your T's that you are getting? Are thye full grown? Slings? This info can help determine the porper housing for them.
    Also, i'm a tad bit confused about part of your post. First you mentioned that you'll be getting 4 T's all together and that you would put "the other" in the 10 gallon tank.
    You do know you can't house ANY T's together right? this may sound like a condesending question, but honestly that sounds kind of like what your getting at to me, and I just wantted to make sure you knew that.....
  4. DanHalen

    DanHalen Arachnobaron Old Timer

    With a tank that size, why not go full out and get a T. Blondi or Apophysis? {D

    Floor space wise it's more than enough room. However, I am very concerned about the height. 2 foot :eek: A terrestrial T. can seriously damage it's self with a fall of only 6 inches. I really woudlnt risk it with the species you've listed.

    A couple of things you could try though. You could decorate the tank to mimic a scrubland/brush region and get a Green Botte blue. It loves to climb and web up shrubs and stuff. Although the 2 feet thing would still kinda concern me.

    Or you could turn the tank on its end vertically, and invest in some arboreal T's. P. Regalis is very attractive, and with enough room, a few spiders can co-habitate the tank without resorting to cannibalism (most of the time :wall: Sometimes you just end up with a jerk of the Tarantula world). They do require alot of respect though - The bite can be pretty nasty!

    In all honesty, you'd probably be better off selling the tank and buying something classy but smaller, certainly more suitable for a T, and put it on display. Just a couple of thoughts. Let us know how you get on! :D

    Good luck!
  5. Sorry about the confusion. I am getting two, i said a few, and mentioned 4 of the likely candidates. These will be slings. I would like to be able to have them in some kind of glass container so that they can be viewed, not in a box or something. And, yeah I know I can't put any in the same tank, I said on the bottom of my post that I wouldn't be doing this. Sorry again for the confusion.


  6. Well, I won't be selling it, cuz I'm a fish guy also, and that's just wrong to do, no matter if it sits in the garage til i'm 80, lol. I could always use the 50 for a cricket breeder I suppose. I guess I'll look for some small "critter keeper" or something to house the slings in. Thanks for the help.

  7. DanHalen

    DanHalen Arachnobaron Old Timer

    If your'e interested, look up Pocilotheria co-habitation. There are also a few other species which can be housed together! Quite interesting really. Obviously, it's not without risk, but a fair few do practise it.

    Ozzfreak: You could always get a decent sized colony of imperial scorpions? :D
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2005
  8. If you are getting slings, which it seems like you are from your post, I'd agree that tank is way too big. You'll have trouble even finding them in there and most importantly they'll have trouble find their prey. I usually house my smaller terrestrial slings (1.5 inches or smaller) in salsa or pickle jars with the really small ones in the vials they were shipped in, and the slightly larger ones going in short, wide deli containers (about 6 inches long X 4 inches wide X 3 inches tall) until they are big enough for a Kritter Keeper. Our big Chaco (about 6 inches) is only in a maybe 5 gallon tank or slightly smaller. So you are definitely better off going smaller and saving space (or more T's later!)

  9. Found my tape measure, I was wrong. It was only 17 1/2 inches tall, but still way to tall, cricket keeper it is, lol.

  10. Beccas_824

    Beccas_824 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I know you can house some Pokies and Avics together, I just said that in context to the post, because all of the T's listted were grounddwellers, which is of course, a recipe for diaster when put together.
    Also, Ozzfreak, I really wasn't trying to be mean or suggest you didn't know what you were doing, its just that that first post did come off a bit confusing. thanks for clarifying.
  11. Hehe, don't worry about it, you didn't sound mean, I may have though, and if i did, i apologize also. And you say you don't mean to suggest I don't know what I'm doing, well, I don't, lol. I'm new, that's why i'm asking questions. Gotta learn somehow. Thanks for the help.

  12. Beccas_824

    Beccas_824 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Its all good my friend! :D
  13. Stefan-V

    Stefan-V Arachnoknight Old Timer

    A 50 gallon Cricket keeper? :eek:
    Man! I gotta see this! That's like a cricket-metropolis! :clap: lol