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T. Stirmi moulting soon?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Max Blankenbeker, Jul 11, 2019 at 7:12 PM.

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    She hasn't eaten since I've had her (4 weeks) and has just come out of her hide after being in there for a week and half. She must've been thirsty or something because I've refilled the water bowl twice today. Also, if you look at her back legs, one of her feet seem to be bent a little more than usual? I can't see how this would've happened. I don't focus on humidity just on keeping the substrate damp and having the water full with the temperature at 78.5 degrees. I figure she's getting ready for the molt to happen soon? I believe she's a sub adult at about 5 inches. I just wanted to hear what you guys think on the situation.

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  2. TownesVanZandt

    TownesVanZandt Arachnoangel Active Member

    Yes, it seems to be in premoult, but only the T can tell when it will happen.
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  3. Ok cool feels great to hear it from others. Should I even attempt to feed her? I saw a moderator say that he doesn't even attempt to feed while in the entirety of premolt. But being a younger but still very big T, I'm not sure if 4 weeks without food is safe for her, yet I don't want to feed her something and then scare her and cause a problem in the moulting process.
  4. Demonclaws

    Demonclaws Arachnosquire Active Member

    There is no reason to feed a T in premolt. Although the abdomen is a little small, it should be fine for another 4 weeks or longer. T. stirmi are very hungry species, if they refuse food before, very likely they will just refuse again. Make sure it always has water.
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  5. EtienneN

    EtienneN Arachnonovelist Arachnosupporter

    Don’t mind me my iPad decided to go on a double post strike.
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  6. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnotank Arachnosupporter

    No point if it's already refusing food.

    Tarantulas can go a ridiculous amount of time without food, don't worry about it.
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  7. EtienneN

    EtienneN Arachnonovelist Arachnosupporter

    Looks like mid to late premoult to me. Tarantulas can go without food upwards of an entire year (some longer than that) so don’t worry about yours missing meals. At this stage it’s completely pointless to try to feed her, she’ll just continue to refuse it until she moults. Also, you are spot on with ignoring ‘humidity levels’. Just damp substrate will do the trick. Humidity is for reptiles and especially amphibians, not tarantulas.
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  8. Great! Thanks for the help!
  9. I'm glad to hear about the humidity level situation being correct. I can't imagine having to constantly check those stupid hygrometers
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  10. OK that's great to hear. I tried to feed her a dubia last night due to how active she was being and she didn't even care it was there.