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T. blondi substrate question

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by EightLeggedFrea, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. EightLeggedFrea

    EightLeggedFrea Arachnoangel

    So I have my young (6") blondi in a large rubbermaid box with holes drilled in the top and a few in the sides to hold in humidity. I mist the substrate as needed to keep it moist without getting soaking, but only on the top. Is my current set up fine or should I have wet the entire thing down and then add the substrate to the cage?

    BTW the blondi might be in pre-molt as she hasn't eaten in weeks but is still very fat so I don't want to move her out of the cage if I don't have to.
  2. Have pics it would help
  3. EightLeggedFrea

    EightLeggedFrea Arachnoangel

  4. I would make the soil more moist, since u have 2 spray every day, if its only moist on the top.
    U dont have 2 fear from mites in the cave, since the spider normally move eaten remains fare away from the cave.
  5. EightLeggedFrea

    EightLeggedFrea Arachnoangel

    I'll do that. You don't she's in pre-molt due to the lack of darkness on the abdomen?
  6. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon Arachnosupporter

    I recommend

    I recommend only keeping one side moist though as that gives them an option to get away from the humidity a bit if they want too. Thats how I do mine...keep one side wet and one side dry so they have the humidity but can get away from the wetness a little of they want too.

  7. Im not sure i know what u mean by that.
    It dident make sense 2 me.

    But she could easyly be in a premolt stage.
    Big spiders like T.blondi can be in premolt (not eating) for a very long time.
    The time depends on temp. and so on.
    But the darkness on the abdomen will only appear just before its going 2 molt.
    So when u see it is getting dark, that is when u REALLY have 2 turn up the humidity and also spraying the side of the box. (just in case)

    But try once a week 2 feed it, and if it still dosent want 2 eat, then try and wait like a month and try again.
    If she still dosent want 2 eat, she is eather sick or in a premolt, but MOST likely in premolt.
    So u should just wait it out and give her some rest :)
    Just remember 2 remove the food each time, or the spider will be stressed.
  8. I agree completely i Breed these and they like to get away from the humidity sometimes and too much humidity is the only time i get mites but it happend once and never again so i think your okay on that

  9. Well...im not trying 2 be rude here.
    But i cant see them getting away from the humidity by going to the other side of the cage, since the humidity is in the air and the air is pretty much the same all over??
    Its not like in the nature, were the spider can dig VERY deeb, and in that way ajust the humidity itself.

    But my experience is that the sometimes likes 2 sit on something dry, if the soil gets 2 moist.
    Just as if it had just rained in nature.
    So i would still keep the soil very moist all over. (not wet)
    Especielly because its a Blondi and because i want to be sure the humidity is up were its suppose 2 be at all time now its in a premolt stage.

    What i would do instead, was 2 place som bark or cork that is could crawl on to if it wants "dry feet" :D
  10. never had a problem here and they don't always like moist substrate
  11. Thats what i just said ?
    But the like and need the humidity.
    Thats why u can place something for them 2 retreat on to, like the cork or bark pierces.
    If u dont overmoist the soil, i dont see them trying 2 get away.
    Its only when u have made it 2 wet imo