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T. blondi sling. Will this suffice?

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by BrokenLegBaboon, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. BrokenLegBaboon

    BrokenLegBaboon Arachnosquire

    Hi! I’ve recently acquired a Theraphosa blondi sling. I was shooting for a T.stirmi but a sudden change of fate had me with a T.blondi.

    The sling is almost 2-2.5” and I have it on a vermiculite/coco peat mix with plenty of sphagnum moss on top. Also have a waterdish with some sphagnum moss too. Will this suffice?

    Note: I also placed a lot of ventilation since I live in an area where the humidity is almost always at 90-100%. I also have my T rack beside my aquariums which I’m thinking would help in maintaining the humidity for the spoods.

  2. BrokenLegBaboon

    BrokenLegBaboon Arachnosquire

    Here is the enclosure I’ve made. I made a lot of holes since it gets really hot in my place sometimes and I’ve heard from my fellow keepers here that they had their die from high spikes in temperature. F3115170-E67C-40C1-8248-456ECEDBF7C8.jpeg 511F982F-9B9B-4C5D-8101-785435F8BA58.jpeg
  3. MoranDisciple

    MoranDisciple Arachnosquire

    Looks great but that top layer of sub pooks pretty wet. If the ambient humidity in your area is 90-100%, you can safely allow the top layer of sub to dry out
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  4. BrokenLegBaboon

    BrokenLegBaboon Arachnosquire

    @Nightstalker47 hey man I tried to pm you but your inbox is full. Could I possibly have your opinion in my enclosure? Thank you so much
  5. More than alright .bear in mind humidity(dampness of substrate(is vital to a delicate sling.they are more tolerant of drier conditions when older
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  6. BrokenLegBaboon

    BrokenLegBaboon Arachnosquire

    I added the ventilation since I’m leaning on the more damp side. This will do I guess? I have tried this setup before with lesser ventilation and it took almost took a month before there was a noticeable change in the moisture. That’s why I added a lot of ventilation since I’m avoiding “stuffy air” or maybe steaming the blondi when it becomes too hot.
  7. Mirandarachnid

    Mirandarachnid Arachnobaron

    Take the moss out of the water dish, It won't drown, and it'll have easier access to the water.
  8. BrokenLegBaboon

    BrokenLegBaboon Arachnosquire

    I actually added the moss in the hopes of preventing the water from evaporating fast and not because I fear the T drowning.