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Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Cronoss, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Cronoss

    Cronoss Arachnoknight Old Timer

    this is my goliath pinkfoot
    they look great at this stage.

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    Last edited: Jan 18, 2003
  2. Cronoss

    Cronoss Arachnoknight Old Timer

    and another

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  3. MrT

    MrT Arachnoking Old Timer

    That is a great looking T.
    It should be call Pink foot. LOL
    Sure is leggy. How big is it now? And how big do they get when full grown?

  4. Cronoss

    Cronoss Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I'm sorry it is a goliath pinkfoot.
    that was a type-o
  5. Henry Kane

    Henry Kane Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Very nice! That second pic looks like there's about to be a kicking-storm. LOL! :)

  6. Cronoss

    Cronoss Arachnoknight Old Timer

    You know it!!!
  7. invertepet

    invertepet Arachnolord Old Timer

    Here's one further on in years...

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  8. dennis

    dennis Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Wow, they are truly amazing!!
    Are they as 'agressive' as the T. Blondi? I do like the Blondi, and this one, but IMO I'm too unexperienced to keep those spiders...

  9. I have found T. apophysis to be very similar to T. blondi in most respects . IME they are a little more nervous and more prone to defensive behavior. I also find their urticating hairs to be more irritating than those of T. blondi.

  10. invertepet

    invertepet Arachnolord Old Timer

    I suspect some T. apophysis adult females could be more 'jittery' and prone to scooting around because they're just a bit more 'svelte' and leggier than bulkier, heavier T. blondi females.

    Just my strictly un-scientific theory, mind you. ;)

  11. That seems like a reasonable theory to me. It can make them a tad more 'interesting' to deal with though. I recently attempted to mate my mature male with my probably not so mature female. I may post the one photo I was able to get before I had to go running through the house after two of those "svelte" hair- kickers.:)
  12. invertepet

    invertepet Arachnolord Old Timer

    Wish me luck, then... Because I have the same thing planned for tonight! Here's our resident male.

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  13. petitegreeneyes

    petitegreeneyes Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Wow guys. I didn't realize that they get so pretty. Both of them are quite nice specimens of that species. Makes me want to add one to my collection.
  14. Joy

    Joy Priestess of Pulchra-tude Old Timer

    I agree! There's nothing cuter than one of these little long-legged pink-footed babies, although I have been pleasantly surprised to see how attractive the mature specimens can be, too :)

  15. Philth

    Philth N.Y.H.C. Arachnosupporter

    I just got one today. I cant wait for it to get bigger.
  16. Bob the thief

    Bob the thief Arachnoknight

    Odd I saw a few of them at a reptile show I was under the impression they looked almost exactly like T. blondis
  17. Valael

    Valael Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Yeah, most pictures I've seen make them look like a skinny, leggy T. Blondi.

    But I guess lighting makes a lot of unseen colors come out.
  18. invertepet

    invertepet Arachnolord Old Timer

    Mature male T. apophysis display striking purple iridescence, one of the things that makes them stand out from their blondi cousins. The females do have long reddish-burgundy hairs on their legs, but as they get closer to their next molt and more brownish, those hairs blend in more and the morphologic differences become more important, like thinner, more spiny legs and more elongate or ovoid cephalothorax.