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Suitable lids for Arboreal enclosures?

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by Alex Bezzina, May 6, 2018.

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    Hey all,

    I am currently setting up some deli cup enclosures for my arboreal T's and I'm wondering if the lids I have are suitable. See attached picture! Thank you!

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  2. Marvinxox

    Marvinxox Arachnoknight

    There is a risk that the spider gets it´s legs stuck in the mesh, but generally they might work.
    But if you could replace the metal-mesh with a softer mesh, fabric or a thin cloth, then it should work perfectly.
    Or, if the holes are smaller than the spiders carapace (its middle part), then you could leave the cups without the mesh and with open holes, as the spider couldn´t sqeeze through.
  3. Mvtt70

    Mvtt70 Arachnobaron

    I would switch to a regular plastic lid and make ventilation holes in it yourself. Mesh is usually avoided.