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Storage bulding..

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Redneck, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    So i am thinking about going and buying a 10x8x7 (LxWxH) storage building.. Before I drop $500 on it.. I was going to ask if it would be a good idea to turn it into my T room.. It is a tin building..

    So I am asking should I do this? If not whats your reason why you wouldnt?
  2. jayefbe

    jayefbe Arachnoprince

    Heat and air conditioning. If it's just a tin storage shed, it'll be a giant pain keeping it at a suitable temperature.
  3. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    I didnt think heat would be much of a problem.. I will have electricity ran to it and I can get one of them electric heaters..

    As far as cooling.. That is what had me a little stumped.. I could install a small window unit type AC.. Of course I would make sure to buy a really small one.. But I still dont know if it is going to make it to cold in there..

    Any thoughts?

    *Edit* Actually.. Now that I think about it I might just get a different kind.. One not made of tin.. Time to do some research! Thanks!
  4. Hamburglar

    Hamburglar Arachnobaron Old Timer

    It would be fine if you insulate it from top to bottom. It would be silly to try to temp control it otherwise... There would be a lot of wasted energy even if you get one made out of a different material.
  5. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    Do you think that expanding foam is insulation enough? Should I look into a different kind of insulation?
  6. Hamburglar

    Hamburglar Arachnobaron Old Timer

    That depends on what it is rated. I don't know off the top of my head. If you get a storage building with exposed framing on the inside you can just use fiberglass. If you don't need too high of a rating for your area it is pretty cheap. I would recommend getting faced insulation though.

    Are you talking about the stuff from the can? That would take forever. If you are talking about the pro stuff... I don't think that would be cost efficient.
  7. jayefbe

    jayefbe Arachnoprince

    Basically reiterating what Hamburglar said. I'd get a wooden shed with framing, and use fiberglass insulation. It would cost considerably more than $500 total though. It'd basically be a really tiny house. I've had some self-sufficient/hippy friends make a storage shed out of free wood (found on craigslist) and insulated it with a paste made from dirt/water/flour. I don't know how well it insulates, but it was dirt cheap and an interesting project.
  8. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    I am actually going to go ahead and build one.. I figure an 8'x12' will be large enough.. Maybe a 12'x12'.. It might take me a little while to do it.. It will only be me building it.. So.. I guess I got some time to figure out the insulation.. More than likely I will go with the fiberglass insulation..

    I plan to build this for my T's & reptiles.. So I am wanting to make sure I do it right.. Thanks for the advice! I will look this thread up here in a few weeks or how ever long it takes to build it.. Show some pictures of the prcess and what not..

    Thanks again! :D
  9. jebbewocky

    jebbewocky Arachnoangel

    I'm jealous.
    I live in MI, and we'd have to heat it.
    In Texas? Probably not so much.
  10. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Another thing to consider is stability in storms. Build it out of a good, stable material, and make sure it's grounded well.
  11. Skullptor

    Skullptor Arachnobaron

    Redneck-What I did was I went to Lowes and looked at how their shed kits are built. They are not very sturdy btw. I could easily shake the whole wall. But I got an idea of how much material is used and how it's built. It sounds like you're confident enough to do it yourself, which is good because labor is about 3/4 the cost of lumber. I built mine extra sturdy because it will hold 2+ tons of fuel pellets and my riding lawn mower, yard stuff.

    I built it for around $1500 including siding, doors, ramp, shingles, and a loft I have inside. Adding insulation would be cheap. 10X better than a metal shed at 3X the cost.

  12. YellowBrickRoad

    YellowBrickRoad Arachnosquire

    I like the idea of having space for your T's and Reptiles all to yourself. A storage shed would be awesome for sure, but the problem that struck me right away is, its going to be outside??? I mean, I feel like I'm a little pressed for space in my room but worse come to worse I'll spend no more than $100.00 on some wall shelving and not have to worry about it anymore. If you want to build a shed, or buy one thats cool, I just dont see myself walking outside to look at my T's and such especially considering how often in a day I want to look at my T's. ya know? thats a whole bunch of trips outside. JMHO... I hope I'm not the only one thinking about this???
  13. Stopdroproll

    Stopdroproll Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Lol imagine what the neighbors would think seeing you make repeated trips outside to the shed.
  14. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    Yeaa.. Heat is really not going to be my main concern.. :D
    I actually think I am going to hire someone to run electricity to it from the house..
    I am pretty much doubtful that mine is going to be that nice.. I am sure it wont be crappy.. But I am not that handy of a handy man.. :eek:

    Yea.. I thought about that to.. But at the moment I live with my folks.. More than likely I will spend most of my time there..
    My neighbors wouldnt say to much if they saw me running back and fourth.. They might come and ask what I was cooking in there.. Maybe ask for a litttle bit.. LoL!
  15. BrettG

    BrettG Arachnoprince

    In somehting THAT small,the AC will suck out the humidity in a matter of minutes.
  16. BrettG

    BrettG Arachnoprince

    "Methlab" would be the first thing to pop into my mind..........
  17. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    I use humidifiers in the room I have them in now.. You think the humidifier would help with the humidity if I have them in one that size?
    See a little bump from a stash I am sure they wouldnt call in on me! :D
  18. 8by8

    8by8 Arachnoknight

    Take some "how to" pics. I would like to see how it looks, sounds like a fun weekend or two. Have you thought about how you would keep an escapee from getting out into the yard? (knock on wood):)
  19. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    I am going to have it completely sealed .. All the nooks & what not will be calked.. It is going to be a completely sealed room.. The windows and door will be sealed when closed.. I will deff. take pictures through the process..

    It will be my first time doing something like this..
  20. azgbb

    azgbb Arachnopeon

    Where we live yeah lol.