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User SpooderLady's 8 Legged Kids

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by SpooderLady008, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. SpooderLady008

    SpooderLady008 Arachnopeon

    Hello all. I'm new here and I thought I would share a couple pics of my lovelies.

    Here's Diva, my Rose Hair. Sweet as can be and the only one of my crew I can handle.
    Here's Red, my Mexican Red Rump. She's grumpy and treats her water dish like a waste disposal bin, much to my annoyance.

    Here's Tiger, my Venezuelan Sun Tiger. She's grumpy and shy, spending most of her time in her log.
    And lastly, here is Big Boi Spooder (previously Baby Spooder) He is a Brazilian Redhead and yes I know, he's mature. That's part of the reason I joined this forum cause I'm having such a tough go of trying to send him off to a special lady. But I'll deal with that in due time.
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  2. aikouikirisu

    aikouikirisu Arachnopeon

    Beautiful Ts. I currently have a B. albopilosum and A. Avicularia. I also have a jumping spider. On Friday, I will get my order of a G. pulchra sling, B. albopilosum sling, and K. Brunnipes sling. I am going to get some Euathlus sp Red as soon as it is available through one breeder's site. I plan on breeding some of my own of that since it hails from Chili and they stopped exporting their Ts. (Butts!)
  3. SpooderLady008

    SpooderLady008 Arachnopeon

    Thank you!

    Cool! I wish I had more T's but I'm currently lacking both space and funds. Heh. I want a Beardie some day too. I've kept Jumping Spiders in the past. Such entertaining little critters. Probably one of my favorite spider species besides T's of course.