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Speed Demons! Let's make a list!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Scorpionking20, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I had an idea today...let's compare known "speedy/teleporting" spiders. I've an OBT sling, and I can say it teleports. That's really the only fast T I have yet though.

    How do OBTs compare to Pokies/Psalmos? What Ts would you put in a list for sheer speed, and what experiences do you have with them to make such judgments? Hope this is a fun thread!
  2. Warren Bautista

    Warren Bautista Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Poecilotheria spp.

    Stromatopelma spp.

    Heteroscodra maculata
  3. Faing

    Faing Arachnoknight

    I've never kept Poecilotheria myself but the fastest species I've dealt with are the T gigas. Changing enclosures, packing, and feeding them is a fun 'challenge' when they get moving. I've also had OBTs and one T gigas especially made my OBT seem comparable to a Rosie sometimes. He really liked to 'teleport' as I so liked to call it.
  4. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    My P. irminia is fater than my S. calceatum..

    But the S. cal sure is fast...

    So I am going to add Psalmopoeus sp. to the list of Speed Demons..
  5. jbm150

    jbm150 Arachnoprince

    LOL here was a similar thread I made a while back, wasn't too popular but I through together a list of speedy Ts which may help


    For what its worth, now that I've owned some of these, I'd still put H. macs faster than psalmos which are faster than pokies. H. macs are just freakin' fast!
  6. Kathy

    Kathy Arachnoangel Old Timer

    My A. versicolor, he always stops for a second and then BOOM he is racing across the floor.......probably my h. mac too but I will never give him that opportunity!
  7. BrettG

    BrettG Arachnoprince

    T.gigas,any pokie,iridopelma are pretty quick,irminia,cambidgei,the list goes on.
  8. Oh for sure!!!!
  9. For me, my fastest Ts are:

    T.gigas (Hands down the fastest and most flighty one I have)
    P.murinus (Of course)

    and a few more that I cant think of at the moment.
  10. joes2828

    joes2828 Arachnosquire

    Don't forget Chilobrachys
  11. MichiganReptiles

    MichiganReptiles Arachnobaron

    My new Brachypelma boehmei sling! {D It's smaller than my pinky nail, but holy cow can that thing move! I think I'm going to have to name it Loco - because it's crazy and faster than a locomotive. ;)

    But yes, I have to agree that my Pokies and my irminia are super fast. Don't have any H. macs - for exactly that reason. They are the fastest I have seen and scare the crap out of me!
  12. Stopdroproll

    Stopdroproll Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Baboons are damn fast.
  13. e. cyanognathus
    e. uatuman
    a. diversipes
  14. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    for me, C. huahini- i have had her bolt out of her enclosure, up the wall and upside down on the ceiling in a threat pose before i could LITERALLY blink. no joke.

    Obt's -psst, nothing mine seem to just throw a pose and stay pissed off, only time i had one bolt she bolted up my arm, bit me and went back into her burrow. didnt seem all that fast though.

    next would be P. ornata, only because i had a male bolt on me and i couldnt catch him, he wasnt all that fast, but he sure did evade me for a while.

    then i will have to say T. ockerti, while my girl isnt a length runner, she sure can make it to a near by place very fast.

    All in all i say none are as fast as some make them out to be. you just have to know what to expect. Plus i work with all mine on the carpet, which slows them down alot(and yeah i know some say not to do that, but i have yet to have a problem)
  15. in my opinion, here is my list, and ive owned them all to,

    1. tap. plumpines any taps are fast
    2.p. irminia wow their quick
    3. halpopelma their quick but not real good climbers
    4. poecilotheria are little tazzs and they can climb porcalin to im pretty for sure thats what my bath tub is made of

    5. stromatopelma calceata and hetrosrcoda maculata their a tie idint keep them long either and had a bad deal rehousing my hmac whoa that still gives me the creeps
    6. pternochilus murinus "obt" ive owned around 10 and their cool but , this list is by my first hand exsperiences so this hard to say but just my opinion and sorry for the lousy spelling its not my best strenghth
  16. Bosing

    Bosing Arachnoangel Old Timer

    I'd have to include Holothele incei in this list...
  17. Midknight xrs

    Midknight xrs Arachnosquire

    I'llhave to add my C. Faciatum to that list. and i have fast house spiders but holy heck.
  18. Holothele sp."NDS"
  19. mickey66

    mickey66 Arachnoknight


    I have found that when a spider bolts there are no slow ones but there is a big Difference from a Ford floored compared to a Shelby Ford floored....know what I mean?:D My little P. Regalis inside of a 2" square cube is really,really fast....has me nervous already.
  20. MichiganReptiles

    MichiganReptiles Arachnobaron

    Me too. Mine is 1.5" and I was just telling my husband last night that it may end up living in that pasta container for a while because I'm already worried about re-housing it. lol.