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Some Sexing Guides...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by SeanJo, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. SeanJo

    SeanJo Arachnosquire Old Timer

  2. btorgy

    btorgy Arachnopeon

    Thank you!

    This helps alot! Although if I understand it correctly it looks as though I've got a bunch of males!! Oh well, that's okay, wasn't planning on breeding them anyway!
  3. G_Wright

    G_Wright Arachnoprince Old Timer

  4. nikki9093

    nikki9093 Arachnosquire

    links are non functional...all but giantspiders.com
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  5. nikki9093

    nikki9093 Arachnosquire

    gonna see if i can research some too, just to update a bit.
  6. gufobt

    gufobt Arachnopeon

    hey guys

    i am from greece i have 2 obt's (p.murinus) ...i want to know their sex but i cant understand if its female or not by their molt or their abdomen ...i olso cant upload pic's ...d yu know any easy way to find what their sex is ...?plz i need some help !!!