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Some more pics of my carnivorous plants

Discussion in 'Live Plants' started by Exo, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Cuddly Cobalt

    Cuddly Cobalt Arachnosquire


    lol thanks, I was wondering if I could keep a N. rajah and N. ampullaria on a windowsill with a lot of light. I also have a humidifier that i could use next them, would that work? I really dont feel like setting up a terrarium.
  2. Exo

    Exo Arachnoprince

    Oh really?.....lemme fix that for ya......





    D.capensis "broadleaf




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    Prolly not.....Rajah needs a night time temp of areond 55F to do well, and N.ampullaria needs hot temps with humidity over 70%.....both species do not make good houseplants.
  3. Cuddly Cobalt

    Cuddly Cobalt Arachnosquire

    really? there is an important carnivorous plant collector that was able to grow them as well as a hamata on a window sill. Wouldnt the humidifier keep the temps cooler for the rajah and humidity for the ampullaria?
  4. Endagr8

    Endagr8 Arachnoangel

    Hey Exo, what's your opinion on keeping N. rafflesiana as a houseplant? I picked up one last Thursday that was already too big to put in my overgrown lowland terrarium. I've been keeping it under two T5 fluorescent bulbs, and it appears to be doing okay so far. Also, it appears to be "fuzzier" than many other lowlanders, so I'm wondering if it's a better candidate for a houseplant. And BTW, awesome collection! :clap:
  5. Cuddly Cobalt

    Cuddly Cobalt Arachnosquire

    rafflesiana make pretty good houseplants
  6. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Where do you get these? Do you have a specific supplier you buy from? Do you buy them locally, or order online?

    One of these days, I'll get into them...
  7. Cuddly Cobalt

    Cuddly Cobalt Arachnosquire

    there are a lot of great places like



    black jungle

    california carnivores

    just to name a few ;)
  8. Endagr8

    Endagr8 Arachnoangel

    I've gotten many of mine from Sarracenia Northwest, Cook's Carnivorous Plants, or ebay. More recently, I've found some local nurseries to buy from. It's really cool to be able to pick the plants you want from a group. Hawaii has many Nepenthes nurseries. You should have no problems finding plants if/when you move back. :)

    I believe Exo said he gets many of his from CP Jungle?
  9. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Great, thanks! :)
  10. Exo

    Exo Arachnoprince

    It can work.....just try to keep the temps up in the winter...while it's tougher than most other LL neps, it still likes it fairly warm. Also, it will need to be in a pretty sunny window, low light results in no pitchers.

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    My favorite vendors......




    And I've gotten many in trades and from friends on this forum....

  11. imatroll

    imatroll Arachnopeon

    There's also usually stores on forums. Flytrapcare.com has a store, and so does terraforums.com
  12. John Apple

    John Apple Just a guy Old Timer

    you can also try growing native carnivorous plants....Up here in Michigan I have 2 varieties of S purpurea....including the green or alba form....Flava and many many self seeding and perrenial drosera....all in a 5x3 foot tub in my backyard....they all overwinter very well
  13. myrmecophile

    myrmecophile Arachnobaron Old Timer

    If you want a good low maintenance hardy Nepenthes, the absolute best one you can try is n. khasiana. I grew this one from seed very easily and grew it out doors on my patio in inland southern California.
  14. Cuddly Cobalt

    Cuddly Cobalt Arachnosquire

    got more plants,
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  15. Cuddly Cobalt

    Cuddly Cobalt Arachnosquire

    and even more
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  16. Exo

    Exo Arachnoprince

    Very Nice...you should pist pics. ;)
  17. neonstarz495

    neonstarz495 Arachnopeon

    Wow! I love carnivorous plants! I don't have any though... :(