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So what is everyones P.Impertors doing ??

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by HackoDis, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. HackoDis

    HackoDis Arachnosquire

    Well i was curious to see if they were still alive. They never come out of there piece of wood. I lift up the wood and there's pinchy on top of bowser sleeping. It was cute in a weird scorpion way. Bought them some crickets, there 3 left.

    I'm glad bowser hasn't decided to eat pinchy.

    When i first got pinchy, it was the aggressor. :p

    So both are alive, doing well....doing what black emperors do best and being lazy and sleeping all the time.

    Quick question, it's a little colder in my room during winter. Now would that invoke hibernation?
  2. cricket54

    cricket54 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    My female emperor has dug a cave uners her water dish and sits there almost all the time. She knows the crickets will come under there eventually so she sits in wait for them. If she is hungry I'll see her pinchers poking out and know its time to feed her. If the tank starts to get dry, she moves uner the log in the middle of the tank. I have never seen her out and about exploring the tank. She is not full sized yet and is quite fat so I think she is working on a molt eventually.

  3. Fizco

    Fizco Arachnopeon

    My emp dug a burrow in her tank about 2 months ago and thats about the last i saw of her :evil:
    I see the claws every now and then so i know shes hungry, but apart from that she stays hidden away.
  4. PIter

    PIter Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Remaining dead, it's beem doing that for a while
  5. My male emp just stays out in the open, relaxed. Once I thought he was dead. I guess he just feels secure.
  6. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    my 2 emps just sit under a big bit of bark most of the time exept when i sit at my desk then they come out and say hello.:D
    also mine sit on each other it's kinda weird.
  7. EAD063

    EAD063 Arachnoprince

    Going by they're natural location, I would assume that pandinus doesn't know what the word hibernation means.. It may slow them down a tad, as inclimant weather would so for any living creature, but I don't think they shutdown anatomically.

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2007
  8. My two (Pincent and Claura) are both tucked up together under a piece of wood, occasionally they come out for a drink.
  9. Mine both stay under their wood hides during the day. Palpatine raises his 'palps and stridulates at me if I bother him, and Cleopatra just kinda sits there.

    I know they come out at night because I find substrate in their water dishes, and Cleopatra leaves little tail furrows behind her when she's too lazy to curl it up.
  10. I keep 4 emps in a 20 gal L tank, they have plenty of hides for all of them but they all dug into one hide. It's been a couple of weeks since I've seen them all (one stands like a guard at the entrance to the hide) So I lifted up the stone that covers the hide to look in, and all three are alive and occupying the space that one could by himself. I was hard to tell who was who? They were more jumbled than a litter of puppies, but I was able to count 6 'claws' and 3 'stingers' so all was good, I dropped in a couple of crix to them and covered them back up. :wicked:

    My solitary female, in a 10 gal tank, is out and about but not eating too much.
  11. Vaul

    Vaul Arachnopeon

    My Emps are all asleep except Domino, who is glass walking at the moment. The other five of them in this big 'pile of anger' that falls apart if I move the plant pot they all sleep under. They also get angry and try to attack me if I move it :(.

    They all turn into minature JCB's at night and put loads of mud into their water dish for some reason, but I have never seen them actually do it
  12. marcelo_987

    marcelo_987 Arachnosquire

    My two females are always in one spot, I guess prepare for motherhood and my male is out every other night looking to get into some other female emps pants.
  13. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    sounds like your male emp has got it made.:D
  14. ????josh????

    ????josh???? Arachnosquire

    Mine usually just hang out in the dark caverns in the depths of their peat. But lately my female has given my male the boot, so he is trying to dig his own caves or just hanging out in/under the hides in their inclosure.
  15. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    hehe it's strange how similar that is to human behavior. guy gets house, girl moves into house and then girl kicks man outta house but in this case the house is a burrow.:wicked:
  16. HackoDis

    HackoDis Arachnosquire

    Lets how successful we can get this thread
  17. thisgal

    thisgal Arachnoknight

    My two guys and one gal are still in hiding in their three-entrance burrow. I see the big guy only a couple times when I toss in a dozen crix. As for the other two, I can no longer tell a difference (not that they ever show their faces at the same time....) between the male and female since the male moulted. :( Turds.
  18. Don't feel bad. I can only tell the difference between mine 'cause my male, Palpatine, hates me.
  19. Bayushi

    Bayushi Arachnoprince Old Timer

    My male emp recently passed away due to old age ( guessing on my part, since nothing seemed wrong with him) and the female that was housed with him has moved from the burrow they shared to a new burrow (again that's just a guess.. it could be the same burrow with a new entrance). Every so often she comes out and goes to the old burrow and taps on the rock and waits to see if the male is there.

    My other female is in her own tank due to being aggressive, and she never comes out of her hide unless there is food in the tank.
  20. Both my emps sleep together under the piece of bark all day. The male seems to be a little more active at night but watching them together. You can tell the female runs the show.