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Snake world to spider world

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by TjlJean, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. dangerforceidle

    dangerforceidle Arachnosquire Active Member

    To add to this example, Australia is very strict because several introduced species have already done massive damage in their country. Their hyper-sensitivity is probably justified.
  2. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Yes, of course. That's a reasonable issue. Sucks, but reasonable, unlike that Maine dumb law.
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  3. CyclingSam

    CyclingSam Arachnosquire Active Member

    My G. pulchipes was Free. I did not know what she was when I got her, and it took me 6 months to really start appreciating her. Now I love her. Get the G. pulchipes. They are the cheap, they grow fast, they get big, and they are beautiful! Mine loves digging all the time and flipping her water dish. DSCN8532.JPG
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  4. CyclingSam

    CyclingSam Arachnosquire Active Member

    I'm curious about the laws. Could you shoot me a link to them? I find it odd that all tarantulas would be prohibited with the exception of the three you listed. Are you sure that you do not need permit to even own one. Also check your city ordinances, because they may be stricter than the state.
  5. thevez2

    thevez2 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Check post #7.

    Those 3 are the only unrestricted species. You can get a permit to keep restricted species, but those permits are meant for zoos and research entities, not pet keepers.
  6. CyclingSam

    CyclingSam Arachnosquire Active Member

    I was interested in seeing the actual law. It is probably buried somewhere in Maine Rev. Stat. §12 and I am not motivated enough to dig for it. So for now, I'll just make a note to never move to Maine.
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  7. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX Arachnoemperor Active Member

    And Connecticut as well. I've heard (here, on this site) that in CT T's aren't so 'welcome' too :)
  8. darkness975

    darkness975 Dream Reaper Arachnosupporter

    Check out some of the surrounding states. You'd be sadly surprised at some of the idiotic "laws" regarding DANGEROUS POISONOUS INVERTEBRATES
  9. thevez2

    thevez2 Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Title 12: CONSERVATION
    Subpart 4: FISH AND WILDLIFE

    §12152. Permit to possess wildlife in captivity
    1. Permit required.
    [ 2003, c. 614, §9 (AFF); 2003, c. 655, Pt. B, §422 (AFF); 2003, c. 655, Pt. B, §201 (RP) .]

    1-A. Permit required. Except as otherwise provided in this Part, a person may not import wildlife into or possess wildlife in the State or receive or possess wildlife imported into the State. The department shall maintain a list of unregulated fish and wildlife species for which a permit under this section is not required that is available to the public. Each day a person violates this subsection that person commits a Class E crime for which a minimum fine of $50 and an amount equal to twice the applicable permit fee must be imposed. The commissioner may grant a permit to introduce, import, transport, receive or possess fish or gametes in accordance with the provisions of section 12509.

    The list, as mentioned in bold, was in the link I previously mentioned, and is here: https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/unrestrictedspecies.pdf
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  10. CyclingSam

    CyclingSam Arachnosquire Active Member

    Thank you. This is just crazy to me. I wonder who decided that those 3 spiders were okay but the rest were not? They threw a dart at a board while blindfolded no doubt.
  11. Tia B

    Tia B Arachnopigeon Arachnosupporter

    Why didn't they just say all Grammostola species? Exotic laws never make any sense.
  12. thevez2

    thevez2 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    That would have made a little more sense. Especially since they meant to include a rosehair (G. rosea), but now that intended spider is technically illegal since it is actually G. porteri.
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  13. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Probably some "expert" pet store worker.:rolleyes:
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