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Small water dish idea.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by white_feather, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I went to Lowe's and bought some casters that you put under the furniture to protect hardwood floors. I am using them as water dishes. They are shallow, about 1/4" deep and they look nice. They are wide and low so they won't tip over and much better than bottle caps. Give them a try.
  2. scottyk

    scottyk Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Good idea! Got a picture of one in the enclosure?
  3. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I hope you washed them first.
  4. ph0bia

    ph0bia Arachnobaron

    That's a fantastic idea! I've used all kinds in the past. If I can afford it, one of those exoterra rock-dishes (for the aesthetics), if not Lucozade bottle lids (washed, don't know if you have Lucozade stateside of the pond), coffee jar lids... you name it!

    But that's a brilliant idea, they're small, they're brown (so they match the substrate) and they're cheap!
  5. Moltar

    Moltar ArachnoGod

    The best cheap-o water dished i've found were in the plumbing dept at Lowes; PVC temporary plumbing stubs. They're shallow, lightweight, available fro 2"-6" and cheap enough so as to be disposable.
  6. ph0bia

    ph0bia Arachnobaron

    With risk of hijacking the topic, I'd like to know some of the weirder things people have used for their spiders, be it for water bowls or whatever.

    In fact, sod it, new topic time!
  7. Why not gatorade caps?
  8. [​IMG]
    And here is what I had for breakfast.
  9. ph0bia

    ph0bia Arachnobaron


    I hope you didn't use that as a water-bowl!
  10. lmramsey89

    lmramsey89 Arachnosquire


    I really like the dish in that first pic. Looks like a cute little doggy dish or somethin :)