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sling cabinet/ temp control/ ventilation

Discussion in 'Vivariums and Terrariums' started by Yaylor, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Yaylor

    Yaylor Arachnopeon

    I’m a little bit newer on this forum and am not sure if this is the right spot but we will find out soon enough!
    I went to ikea and picked up a little metal cabinet to put all my slings in because my cat is too interested... I know stagnant air is a huge deal so I’m installing ventilation tonight! I’m gonna be installing 4 2in. Metal vents and the 80mm computer fan gonna install tomorrow! I installed lights Last night as well as a cheap hydrometer and thermometer I got off amazon I don’t believe they cause to much heat but am recording it every time I get home!
    I live in a room that’s about 60-70 degrees and would like to make sure the temperature stays warm enough that way there isn’t long term damage to the T.s I also don’t want to burn the T.s,
    My question is what should I use for heating and what’s the best way to control it?

    *i thought about mounting a heat mat to the outside of the back of the cabinet and than getting an automatic digital thermostat to control it.

    I’ll post pictures of the cabinet with its sizing tonight so you can see what I’m working with! Any input and opinions would be great thank you!

    Before anyone hates I’m in a loft style room with no doors so I can’t separate my collection from my fuzzy friend!
  2. Yaylor

    Yaylor Arachnopeon

    60827354-C594-4CB5-92CA-573352CFA68A.jpeg A1737BF2-18D7-4D9B-817E-7EB547F96E3A.jpeg 268C6481-74BF-46F1-88B2-5B9257ED8E9F.jpeg
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  3. StampFan

    StampFan Arachnolord Active Member

    My only feedback is that most people seem to use cabinets with clear/glass fronts you you can check on the animals without having to open a door.
  4. ChaosSphere

    ChaosSphere Arachnosquire

    You could take out the front door and cut out the thin metal, leaving a centimeter (or 5mm) of it along the sides, top and bottom. The take the cutout to a glacier and ask them to cut out some 3 or 4mm glass (remember to ask them to add 2-3 or 5 mm on each side, top and bottom).
    Take your glass and glue it into the door using aquarium silicone. Place some weights onto the glass while it dries.
    Let it dry for a day and add it.

    Shouldn't cost you much.
  5. Yaylor

    Yaylor Arachnopeon

    Instead of using glass I may try some acrylic, it will be lighter on the door this cabinet isn’t very heavy!
  6. Yaylor

    Yaylor Arachnopeon

    I’ve decided not to go with a fan,
    I’m afraid it may end up drying out all the enclosure..
    The heat situation in still looking into..(May end up putting small heatmat on back of cabinet with out digital thermostat adjuster)