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Show me the difference please?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by kristal_kaos, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Can someone please show me the difference in these species:
    B. vagans
    B. sobulosum
    B. angustum
    I want to be sure the pet store by me is selling the one I want...
    Thank you guys!:clap:
  2. They have it advertised as G. redrump
  3. Well I wouldnt trust a Pet Store as far as I can spit if they are using common names. You are far better off buying from a reliable online dealer. Although you have to pay shipping, its worth it IMO for the peace of mind.

    my 2 pennys worth ;)
  4. I agree with u 100%...I go thru reptist only but since he doesnt have any angustums right now, i figured I would take a chance at this one..
  5. There are other online dealers ya know. Nothing against Reptist of course :). If he doesnt have what you are looking for one of the other dealers might. I am sure you know who they are by now ;)
  6. yes, I know who they are... no one has anything but tiny slings, though, and thats not what I want...I need a 2-4 inch female.
  7. Good Luck on that one LOL. Its not often you find females like that. You might be better off searching the classifieds on all the sites. Of course, that may take awhile
  8. Yes, Ive been cruising the other sites as well, 4 of them , lol, ;)
    I found everything else that way...I only want females..so far so good, only one that im worried bout finding is the G. pulchra female...the others should be a matter of a month Im thinking. Just need to find out which one it is that I want exactly, lol:eek:
  9. midnight_maiden

    midnight_maiden Arachnosquire

  10. ouch

    :eek: OOOOHHH, expensive...I buy all my females at half those prices thru reptist...thank God!{D I bought a lot of females off of this dealer and didnt spend that kind of money...lol, for the A. genic they want a lot of money...when I just bought a beautiful female off reptist (the same sixe even)for $89...But, thanks for the help, they did have what I was looking for but not at the right price, lol..
  11. midnight_maiden

    midnight_maiden Arachnosquire

    That's just how it works, right? Botar has a 1-1/2" unsexed but I know you want a female. I went thru the same thing about a month ago with G. aureostriatas. When I finally found a female the size I wanted that was affordable, it was already sold. :( I finally settled for a smaller unsexed juvie.
  12. Man!! I sold a 3 1/2 inch female genic last year for $35:wall: I wonder if he would sell it back and let me sell it back to him?:D
  13. spider_fan

    spider_fan Arachnosquire Old Timer

    In my opinion unsexed are better than females. They cost less, if you get a female you feel you got a great deal, and if you get a male you can do breeding loans and get hundreds of slings of that species. There is really no cons to unsexed slings/juvies.
  14. time is the only con for slow growers lol
  15. SavageDigital

    SavageDigital Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Now you know darn well that's not true ;)
  16. Thoth

    Thoth Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Generally a petstore redrump is a B.vagans, the other species are a less common and tougher to obtain so most of your petstores won't carry them.
  17. Amanda

    Amanda Arachnolord Old Timer

    I wonder if anyone will ever answer your original question, lol. I could look up photos of all three and describe the differences I see, but you could do that. I know there must be some true Brachy experts floating around here somewhere!

    Edit: Didn't see Thoth's post yet. Thanks for bumping it back on topic. ;)
  18. wburke17

    wburke17 Arachnosquire

    Heres my female B.Angustum. she just molted about 2 weeks ago. shes about 3 - 3 1/2" now and no shes not for sale
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