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Shipping w/ LAG.. What is LAG?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Ictinike, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Ictinike

    Ictinike Arachnobaron

    Sorry to ask this noob question but checking the F/S threads as well other threads contained within this wonderful resource I've noticed statements of shipping with or without LAG.

    LAG? Being a computer developer for the better part of my life now (age 37) I know LAG is latency so I'm confused why Express with LAG and priority without LAG.

    Cornie I know but wanted to ask..

    Sorry to intrude :)
  2. Endagr8

    Endagr8 Arachnoangel

    Live Arrival Guaranteed.
  3. Ictinike

    Ictinike Arachnobaron

    Ahh.. So easy yet was so disturbing to me not to know it :)

    Many thanks!
  4. Roland Slinger

    Roland Slinger Arachnosquire

    Haha I thought something along those lines too.

    It means Live Arrival Guarantee. If the tarantula dies during shipment, you will get a refund from the seller (once you provide a picture of the dead spider as proof). You might not be refunded the shipping costs, though. Depending on the seller.