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Shipping T's...

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Heartfang, Feb 28, 2005.

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    How far can you ship slings and adult T's before it gets risky?
  2. NightCrawler27

    NightCrawler27 Arachnoknight

    im not sure if they make it over seas or not ..but i know they can make it from 1 side of the states to the other side in a day in any direction with over-night shipping ...maybe if you state where you are sending or recieving to you might get a little better of an idea on things..
  3. Lyle Beach

    Lyle Beach Arachnobaron Old Timer

    The first set of Poecilotheria Metallica had to get here somehow.... :p
  4. NightCrawler27

    NightCrawler27 Arachnoknight

    lol yes i know with importers/exporters they make it but i was referring to like person to person (example: you lyle living here in the states and me living lets say in germany) im not sure if they would make it threw a trip like that ..but im sure you knew what i meant and was just messin with me :shame: .... :p
  5. Wow... From one side of the states to the other in a day? What are they using, Auroras? That's fast. I am hopefully getting some slings from Spacehawk and he's in Utah, I think, and I've never gotten any T's in the mail before.
  6. NightCrawler27

    NightCrawler27 Arachnoknight

    lol yeah that is pretty fast ..i personally use the usps when i ship slings and bigger T's to people (i just tell them its glass ornaments) and lucky (knock on wood) all packages i have sent have not be damaged in any way ...well good luck with your slings if you decide to get them ...and if your anything like the rest of us here you will have plenty of experiances with T's and the mail services lol
  7. Hey, thanks man. Ya, I will probably be using the net and USPS to order and ship my T's from now on instead of buying them from local pet stores. They can't take of them right plus they overprice 'em. Saw an adult male A. avic for $40! Outrageous!
  8. Fenris

    Fenris Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I'd pay that for an adult FEMALE, but not a male.
  9. Sting Crazy

    Sting Crazy Arachnosquire Old Timer

    when you ship Ts, do you have to put some kind of air holes in the box or will they have enough air for a 24hr trip?
  10. Lasiodora

    Lasiodora Arachnoangel Old Timer

    I only put vent holes in the spiders container, not the shipping box. They always arrive fine.
  11. CreepyCrawly

    CreepyCrawly Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Plus vent holes in the box could counteract any insulation and heat/cool pack you have in there for them too. I recieve Ts through the mail here in Alaska, and have only had one mishap from it, which was caused partly by the poor packing of the shipper, and mostly from the T deciding to molt during the shipping. But the rest (even the rest in the same shipment with the extremely poorly packed sub-adults) have all made it here perfectly unscathed. Usually people put heat packs in with my orders (especially at this time of year) so if there are holes in the box, it lets the heat vent out.