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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Zeus9699, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Zeus9699

    Zeus9699 Arachnosquire

    POSITIVE...Two thumbs up!!!

    I purchased a nice sized order from Jason and I trusted him by sending him a postal money order for $500 up front. Not only did he send me what I ordered but he threw in the following:

    a baby sulcata
    a young ball python
    2 baby veiled chameleons

    Everything arrived on time and in great shape. I will definately do business with him again!

    Thanks again Jason....I'm honored to give you your first review!

    Animal Magic
  2. CrazySoB

    CrazySoB Arachnopeon

    I did a trade with jason and got some very healthy Ts that were well packed with a lot of freebies! He is a great guy that knows what he is doing and communicated very well. Thanks again for the Ts bro
  3. DeathsPyro12

    DeathsPyro12 Arachnoknight


    Did a trade with Jason and couldn't be happier, everything was packed well, it got here when he said it should and communication was great through it all, plus he sent a few things I didn't even expect! Would do business again with Jason.
  4. Redneck

    Redneck Arachnoprince

    100% Positive!!

    This is WAY past due! I completed a trade with Jason a couple weeks ago.. His packing was awesome.. His communication was top notch.. I couldn't be happier with what he sent me.. I would not hesitate doing any kind of business with Jason.. Cant wait for our next trade.. :D

    Oh yea the second package Jason sent me as an extra.. WOW!!

    Don't hesitate give Jason a chance you wont be sorry!!
  5. Eminator

    Eminator Arachnopeon

    Best of the best!

    Extra goodies, everything packed well and arrived safely, fair prices, will definitely buy from again! A+++++++++!
  6. Oasis Inverts

    Oasis Inverts Arachnobaron Old Timer

    2 Thumbs Up!!!!!

    Jason and I did a trade a while ago this a much over due review.....Jason is one of the coolest people I know very laid back....If your lookin for some one to purchase/Trade with beleave me you will be very happy.Also his packing is second to nun He deffinetly take the animals care into mind when shipping.

    Jason you rock Bro......:clap::clap:
  7. Positive - 10 out of 10!

    We did a trade with Jason earlier in the month and couldn't be happier with how the whole deal went. While there was a slight mix-up with shipping initially, Jason more than made up for it with the freebies he included. I won't say what we got as I don't want to make anyone out there jealous... but suffice it to say it was way cool! :D

    Pleasure to deal with all around & excellent communication. Will definitely be dealing with this guy again in the not-too-distant future. ;)

  8. campj

    campj Arachnoknight

    Very satisfied

    I did a trade with Jason and everything went really well. Despite his excellent packing job, the female I got from him was a little curled the first day we had her because of the trip. I called as soon as I could and Jason had me feeling really assured that if she died he would do anything he needed to in order to replace her. Thankfully she pulled through and he didn't need to correct a thing, but I'm positive he would have. I'd do business with him again any time.

  9. daleo8803

    daleo8803 Arachnopeon

    got my end of a trade today. great packing and was very happy with what i got! lol you cant bet jason!!

  10. Edd Eskimo

    Edd Eskimo Arachnosquire


    I just received my part of the trade we made yesterday! All I have to say is GREAT packaging and they all arrived alive and well!..Those mail men really know how to handle a package..*Sarcasm*

    Oo..Also got some GREAT freebies!!
  11. Arachnokid 93

    Arachnokid 93 Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Just finnished a trade with Jason. Traded my adult female P.subfusca for his p.metallica sling + an adult king babbon + a M. mesomelas sling. Great guy, awesome communication, even better deals. I plan on many more dealings with him and recommend the same to you, you will not be disappointed.

    Thanks Jason :worship::D:worship:
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2010
  12. ametan

    ametan Arachnoknight



    Jason is the best. Great packaging. Amazing deal. Good communication. Would not hesitate to recommend him.
  13. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member


    Just completed a trade with Jason. Very easy to work with, immaculate packing, A+ communication...I look forward to working with Jason again!
  14. BorisTheSpider

    BorisTheSpider Overly Complicated


    Just bought a pairs of OBT's from Jason ( actually it ended being 3 because he threw in a free one ) and they rock . He shipped em out quick and packed em like they were made out if fine china . All around he is a great guy to deal with . If I get the chance to buy from him again I absolutely wouldn't hesitate . I gotta give two thumbs way up . :clap:
  15. Amazing!

    Jason is the most generous person I have met on the boards! He gave me an unbelievably awesome deal on some N.chromatus slings. They all got here perfectly. He included such a huge overcount that I almost lost my breath! He even threw in a sweet T ring.

    Jason is definitly not in it for the money! He is a truly kind and generous person!

    Thanks so much Jason! I will not forget this!
  16. Can not say enough.

    Jason made me a deal on a P murinus (OBT). I paid a bargain price and instead of 1 unsexed OBT, I got 2 OBTs, one sexed as male, one Lasiodora parahybana juvenile, and 13 Nhando Chromatus 1st instars.
    Jason is fast, responsible, and an overall great guy to deal with. We have been buddies over here for a while but we are truly friends now. Thanks Jason.
    I would urge you to buy from Sharpfang (jason)
  17. barabootom

    barabootom Arachnolord

    Extremely positive

    I ordered a few things from Jason and he was incredibly generous, sending far more than I paid for. We've dealt in the past and I highly recommend him. He's a great guy. THANKS!!!
  18. Positive!!

    Just got another box from Jason! I got a bunch of LP slings with some awesome freebies!! Jaso is one of the most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! I hope to one day repay the generosity.

    Thanks so much Jason!:worship:
  19. tarantulaeddie0

    tarantulaeddie0 Arachnosquire

    Just got my end of a trade from Jason and then some. Traded adult and nymph deathshed roaches for a dozen or so n chromatus 1st instars, and got same amount give or take a few LP 1st instars. Great guy, communication was good, wouldn't hesitate to do busness with him again, would recomend him to anyone for buisness.

  20. positive!

    Just got my end of a trade with Jason and all i can say is WOW!

    dont hesitate to do business with him, he is a great guy and packs very well.

    Thanks Jason!