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Sex My Spider!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Nathan Dorian, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Please? XD

    It's a G. rosea, around a year old, who has just moulted.

    I know absolutely nothing about sexing tarantulas.


    I hope you can sex it by these photos, if not - please tell me what I can do to get it sexed. XD

    Thank you so much.




    Before the moult:




  2. Pretty looking T, but your photos are no help when it comes to sexing it for you.
    You want to open up the abdomen skin and take a picture of the area between the upper pair of book lungs like this,

  3. That may be rather (extremely) difficult as the abdomen is so small and shrivelled. o_O

    I'll certainly have a go, though.
  4. If it's small don't sweat it. It will get easier to do with every passing molt. Wait a few days till the T hardens up then you can try and get a ventral picture as well. That can be of help when sexing as well.
  5. I'm afraid that this is the best I can do at the moment -



    Thanks for the advice. C:

    (Though my G. rosea may try and eat me if I try to take a ventral photo, I'll certainly try. XD)
  6. Upside down and a bit blurry but I think I see some female bits. I am sure someone else will chime in soon. I am off to bed now.
  7. Goodnight Sir and thank you for the help! C:
  8. mrbonzai211

    mrbonzai211 Arachnobaron

    Get her up onto the glass of her aquarium and take a close up pic of its ventral region. Just remember though, we need as much definition as possible. Some people just post these super up close pics but the focus and pixels are so bad you can't determine anything. Just get me a clear shot and I'll tell you the sex ASAP, but I would suggest learning how to do it yourself because if you buy Ts from pet stores you won't be stuck shelling out big bucks (or little if your getting a rosea) for a T that's going to molt MM soon and waste your money.

    Just wondering though, what is the substrate you have in your pics?
  9. Well it's still delicate at the moment from the moult, so I can't take a photo until my G. rosea is hardened and moving around again.

    Also - I don't buy Ts from pet shops so I wouldn't worry there. I got my G. rosea from a surprise egg sac that my sister's T laid soon after she bought her. C:

    That substrate is stuff that my sister was using as an emergency because the shop had run out of her normal stuff. When my T has hardened up I need to replace it with a better substrate. That stuff is like a sort of... Spongy-type natural material.
  10. xchondrox

    xchondrox Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Looks like vermiculite to me, Thats fine to house them on.
  11. YouLosePayUp

    YouLosePayUp Arachnoangel

    I'm in for girl on this one ;)
  12. Snakeguybuffalo

    Snakeguybuffalo Arachnosquire

    there may be some girly parts there, but one can't say with certainty. We simply need a better shot. I would lean 51% toward female tho.
  13. IdahoBiteyThing

    IdahoBiteyThing Arachnobaron Old Timer

    one more try

    Look at Ryan's picture, turn your molt around, and focus on that line between the base of the top pair of book lungs. This T is plenty old enough to sex, just need to focus the photo on that area.
  14. That's fine telling me that, but I don't know the difference between male and female. XD
  15. well its really hard to see but Im with Ryan on this one. Still could be male but I think i see something girly lookin
  16. I'm baaaack. ^^;;

    More photos to add to the pile in hope that someone can sex the wee beastie.




  17. i think the easiest way to learn how to sex them is to look in the gallery here at the sexing photos... look at the photos carefully, and see what the other people have said... then go back and compare males to females, and you will soon see what the differences are...
  18. I've never actually noticed anyone say what the difference is between a male and a female.

    Only, "that's a male!" or, "that's a female!"