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    I recently purchased a few Flameleg millipedes from Ian, as well as some seeds of carnivorous plants. At the last minute and before shipping the box he offered me a healthy pitcher plant for five bucks. He threw in some free (dead) beetles that we'd talked about a month prior, which had been collected by...his carnivorous plants. Pretty cool! Ian is a neat guy with neat hobbies. The pet millipede hobby will be glad to have his dedicated efforts to the subject. Communication, an interest in the subject, shipping and prices were all spot on.
  2. skullking

    skullking Arachnosquire

    I recently purchased a S. Polymorpha from SDCP. It was very good experience all in all. It was my first online invert purchase and he was very helpful in answering my questions and explaining everything. I would easily shop with him again.
  3. DITB

    DITB Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I completed a trade with SDCP and am very pleased. He was quick to ship, replied to messages quickly, and even included a freebie.
  4. Just completed a transaction with SDCP's. The prices were great, the animals in perfect health just as described and Ian's a fun guy to do business with since he's willing to haggle a bit over price!
  5. SwaggerMD

    SwaggerMD Arachnopeon

    Great animals, healthy, HUGE great seller more transactions in the future :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. SwaggerMD

    SwaggerMD Arachnopeon

    Here i am again the 2 were so nice and so so cool that i bought 2 more and Ian threw in a baby for FREE. thanks again Ian for getting me into the hobby :D :D :D :D
  7. 3skulls

    3skulls Arachnobaron

    Just got some Trigoniulus macropygus from Ian.
    All seem healthy.

    Very happy with the transaction.

    Would do business with him again!
  8. lagomorphette

    lagomorphette Arachnosquire

    I recently purchased a very colorful, healthy, active flameleg (Trigoniulus macropygus) from Ian and was very satisfied with my purchase. I'd definitely recommend him & buy from him again. :)
  9. Aquarimax

    Aquarimax Arachnobaron Active Member

    I bought ten juvenile flameleg millipedes from Ian at a very good price. Communication was excellent prior to and during the transaction. The millipedes arrived today. They were well-packaged and in great shape. I would recommend Ian to other hobbyists and would be happy to do business with him again.
  10. Cavedweller

    Cavedweller Arachnoprince


    SDCPs patiently helped me through my first trade and everything went very smoothly. Great communication!
  11. Flameleg Purchase

    I also purchased some Flamelegs from Ian and he was fantastic to work with! Really great at communication, I made an error when ordering and sent him an email and he responded quickly. He was extremely helpful and quick to respond and accommodated my request to change the ship date to the next week. He went above and beyond helping me and communicating everything to me along the way. His site even advertised where to come some A. gigas and I was able to purchase one. He's doing fantastic work for the hobby and I can't recommend ordering from him enough!
  12. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    SDCPs' new reviews can be found here.