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Scorpion Videos

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Gav0r, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Arlius

    Arlius Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Is that like a Sydney funnel web? like the kind where you seriously don't want to get bitten? Not bad quality vid, there is much much worse out there.
    How'd ya capture the funnel web? guessin it was a cupped catch and you just dumped it into the cage. I've got no soft spot for funnel webs in particular, so doesn't bother me none.
  2. Down-Under

    Down-Under Arachnosquire

    Im not sure what species of funnel web it is :confused: i caught it by putting a slater in its web and cupped it when it ran out to eat it :p
  3. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    i may have posted this before, but never in this forum. This was an incomplete short film i have had lying around forever.


  4. Tobelli

    Tobelli Arachnopeon

  5. EAD063

    EAD063 Arachnoprince

    Very great vids! .... you have a real active scorp which is always great... your setup is spot on too... A+:clap:
  6. PIter

    PIter Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Cool scorpion and setup, but not my favorite music.
  7. Gav0r

    Gav0r Arachnosquire

  8. Pandinus Imperators Under the UV

    {D I noticed one of my new P Imps going down the hide of another one late one night. So I popped out the UV flashlight I just got and filmed it. There is some scrapping and juddering going on down there. pretty impressive. There was no audio (except me being quiet at night) so I threw in some free loops to liven it up.

    :D It was a bit difficult to try to reach into the enclosure with the video camera and light while trying to focus down there hide but I feel it came out well.

    :p that is a fluorescent mineral of some sort under it feet I'm not sure what kind I just bought a box of them and put some into the enclosure.

    :wall: I tried to upload to YouTube but can't get it to go, So I just uploaded to this temporary location untill then. the file is 2 minute @ 22MB Mpg.

    Here is the Link --> LINK <--

    Or type in --> www (dot) meye-thaughts (dot) com/holding_bin/Scorpion_under_UV (dot) mpg <--

    12/17/2006 - I was able to get the video up to You Tube and that post follows. The above link will be valid for a week or so if you want to down load it directly, then I'm deleting it. ;P

    Enjoy Thaedion :cool:
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  9. Here is the you tube link...................--->[YOUTUBE]bd66wn0dyuY[/YOUTUBE]
  10. JSN

    JSN Arachnodemon

  11. Pandinus Imperator Bathing

    Here is a video of my female emperor doing a little bathing. My tank setup used to have a deeper watering hole where they would fully submerge, but this is what I they have now. Hope you enjoy. Thaedion :cool:

  12. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    that looks like 1 BIG scorpion.
  13. psychentrick

    psychentrick Arachnopeon

  14. 8+)

    8+) Arachnolord

    Fascinating! I didn't know they did that.

    Do they bath often? Do many others in Scorpionidae bath?

    I'll have to put in a larger dish when I redo my tank.
  15. konrad16660

    konrad16660 Arachnosquire

    haha i watched the videos of the goliath and it made my sister all sad and stuff, you should have seem her squirming and shouting out for the mouse.....it was great. especially since i am 23 and she is 27. so its not like shes a little kid. fed a mouse to a tunisian fat tail once. it killed the mouse, but only ate half of it. keep up the great videos!!:clap:

  16. Giantsfan24

    Giantsfan24 Arachnosquire Old Timer

  17. P. Novak

    P. Novak ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I find it so interesting that scorpions actually bathe, well P.imperators do. Nice video, thanks for posting it.
  18. two videos I just posted the other day on YouTube. I originally put them in individual threads but I want to put them in here for consistency to keep the videos in the video file.

    *** Do not handle scorpions, as they are venomous unpredictable wild creatures ***

    I took one of my 3 Heteromertus longimanus bornees out for an inspection and thought I would share the experience. I took her outside for different scenery for the video. This is a female that I bought from www.Tarantulas.com (Northwest Zoological Supply) Thanks Dan! ;)

    Me Handling My Heterometrus longimanus (borneensis) - Video​


    I took this girl out to see what is what with her, just inspecting for any problems and thought I'd shoot a video of it.

    Me Handling My Pandinus imperator - Video​


  19. Disinterested Pandinus imperator

    I placed my male into a femals tank to see if they would mate. The male enters the hide and runs away. The female seems willing to mate, but he just laid there. Maybe later. :rolleyes:


  20. This U armatus had a cricket in its mouth while working at its burrow, hence it was a little hesitant about the cricket that happened by. Note the use of the tail in pushing soil out. I used my uv torch for illumination.

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