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Scolopendra polymorpha

Discussion in 'Bite Reports' started by Smokehound714, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Smokehound714

    Smokehound714 Arachnoking

    Was refilling my S polymorpha's water dish last week, (cannot remember the exact date, sorry, it was last monday, i think.) and in the process the pede freaked out and ran up the side of its poly-pro container, nailing me on the wrist.. The only reason i got bit was because the pede was able to gain about 5mm by standing on a pebble in its enclosure- thus just enough to poke its head above the rim of the container. The bite occurred in the morning around 6am. Immediate throbbing tingling pain. I have been bit by other scolopendrids, like scolopocryptops, and the sensation was very similar, though nowhere near as intense.

    No swelling, no visible puncture wounds, or redness. For the first three hours, my entire arm was extremely sore, felt like it was asleep, but with a sharp, deep pain that began at the envenomation site, which radiated up my arm and through my neck muscles. Extremely uncomfortable.

    For the next several days, the pain was less dull, and had persisted, and i contemplated going to the doctor. Still no swelling, though cyanosis was very evident around my wrist, where the bite was inflicted which gave me concern for my well-being.

    Today, the pain is almost gone, but there's still that strange "asleep" feeling to my fingers. I know very little about myriapods in general, so I was surprised to realize just how potent the venom is, in such a common species of my region. Be VERY careful, and treat your centipede like a loaded gun!

    Update: it's 3:34 am, and the pain and weird feelings have finally subsided. the cyanosis is gone.
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