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Rockstar Pets Tooele UT.

Discussion in 'Petstore Reviews' started by A.iodius, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. A.iodius

    A.iodius Arachnopeon

    Rockstar Pets in Tooele UT has a good selection of of inverts especially T slings and Roger (the owner) is always willing to place special orders if there are enough people interested. The animals are healthy and Roger stands behind his sales and is always concerned that the animals get the best care possible and makes them availible for the best price possible. I have done alot of business with them and have always been pleased.

    Rockstar Pets
    762 North Main Street
    Tooele UT. 84074
    (435) 882-6333
  2. A.iodius

    A.iodius Arachnopeon

    An update on Rockstar pets, Apparently Roger and his silent partner had a falling out of some sort and Roger is no longer with Rockstar pets. Roger's younger brother is now managing the store. At this time I am unsure how this will affect the service and quality of the store. Charles (Roger's brother) is enthusiastic but I dont know if he shares in his brothers passion or commitment to the care of exotic pets or in the knowledge that Roger had.
    Only time will tell. I will post updates here as they develop.
  3. A.iodius

    A.iodius Arachnopeon

    Rockstar Roger is Back

    Well apparantly Roger and his partner worked things out and Roger is back at the store.
  4. robinsonxcr

    robinsonxcr Arachnopeon

    just did a trade with rockstar that went very well. all employees seemed knowledgeable and the animals clean, healthy, and well maintained. pretty good selection of T's. i will definitely deal with them again.
  5. Tokendog

    Tokendog Arachnosquire

    I recently ordered a female 3.5" Female Boehmei and a 3" Female Cobalt Blue from Roger@Rockstarpets. The prices were good, the communication was excellent, and he included some freebies because of a shipping mishap that happens, no big deal, and it was nice to get some freebies so that was cool of him.

    The tarantulas came very quickly, were packed nicely, and were in great condition. I would definitely order from him again in the future and have bookmarked him so that I can keep an eye on his offerings.

    Two thumbs up!
  6. rooster & hen

    rooster & hen Arachnopeon

    I must drive a minimum of four hours to be able to shop at Rockstar pets. It is SO worth the trip. Roger and his crew are always eager to get the mechandise out and let you gawk or handle. He has such a rep around the area that I even witnessed someone bring in a 3" G. Pulchra and hand it over to him at no charge! Great service and knowledge abound at Rockstar. Definately recommended highly !

    BTW -- Roger - The C. Ritae I got from you is doing awesome and has even molted for me! Thanks again for holding it for me !!!!!
  7. CRose801

    CRose801 Arachnopeon

    SLC, UT
    Went to Rockstar Pets new location and was very disappointed. We were told a death curled G. Rosea was molting, watched a worker pick up a emperor scorpion by the stinger with tongs, and was given ridiculous prices for slings that weren't priced. Educate you employees!!! Won't be back for a while...
  8. sugarsandz

    sugarsandz Arachnosquire

    I've purchased an adult B. smithi and a B. emilia sling from this store and I had no issues at all. The only thing is make sure to talk to the person who knows about the spiders (that's every pet store). I felt the prices were fair and everything looked healthy. This is one of three stores I will always come back to! :)

    The selection was pretty huge as well, they even get in the odd G. pulchra but they sell them sooooo fast. . .
  9. sugarsandz

    sugarsandz Arachnosquire

    I went into Rockstar Pets to purchase a G. pulchra sling recently and was not surprised that the service is still great. I was helped quickly considering how busy the store was and the guy I dealt with was really into spiders and was very knowledgeable and willing to let me take a closer look at the slings. The prices were very good, the sling I got was the same price as much smaller pulchras from another local pet store.