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Rob Perez (AviculariaRob)

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Tseug, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Tseug

    Tseug Arachnopeon


    A review of the seller AviculariaRob:

    In late November 2011, I bought two P. murinus 2nd instar spiderlings locally from Robert (AviculariaRob). When I went to pick them up, he was kind enough to show me his entire tarantula collection. All of his tarantulas seemed strong, healthy, and well fed (but not overfed or obese). Each specimen had a sufficient amount of substrate (and climbing material) for their respective humidity/burrowing needs. Their habitats were clean and orderly. The slings themselves were given to me each in individual appropriately-sized vials.

    As far as personality, Robert is very amiable, sociable, and generous; he even threw in an extra spiderling (more were offered but I was hesitant in taking in more). Of course, what was more important to me was that a sense of trust had been established.

    I would certainly purchase from Robert again as I've had quite a positive experience from the exchange.
  2. Comatose

    Comatose Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I'm honored to kick off what I'm sure is to be a very positive review thread. Rob reached out to me with his hatchout of OBT's. It was his first time shipping, and since he had no reviews I asked that he ship first. He readily agreed, communicated spectacularly, and today I had a TON of fierce and feisty African tree dumplings show up at my doorstep. I'm very happy with the entire transaction and recommend Rob highly.
  3. Sukai94

    Sukai94 Arachnobaron

    I purchased some slings from Rob. All arrived healthy and happy. There were a few who molted in transit but they will be alright. I would be happy to buy from again.

  4. Kingbird112

    Kingbird112 Arachnopeon


    I recently got a few OBT slings from Rob and was very pleased with the transaction. I look forward to possible future dealings, it was nice to see his passion for spiders.

  5. Sukai94

    Sukai94 Arachnobaron


    I recently did a trade with Rob for some slings. Everyone arrived happy and healthy! It was no surprise as they were perfectly packed. Highly recommended!

  6. roaddog

    roaddog Arachnoknight

    I got a MM Peru Purple from Rob, I was kind of hesitant getting him because he wanted to ship via UPS. I have have pretty bad luck with UPS, but he assured me that he would get here safe. Thanks for a great male that was packed excellent!

  7. Oreo

    Oreo Arachnocookie

    Met up with A. rob recently for a trade and he threw in some awesome freebies. Plus I got to see his collection. Great communication and great guy too. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again anytime!
  8. Scorpionidae

    Scorpionidae Arachnopeon

    I just got my end of a trade (15 OBT slings) from Rob. They got here safe, and were in good condition.
  9. GrnGoblin

    GrnGoblin Arachnopeon

    Great Transaction with Rob!

    I received 16 OBTs sent via overnight shipping from Rob today - communication was superb throughout the transaction. He shipped promptly as he said he would, packing was excellent, and all slings arrived alive and well (as guaranteed). I look forward to doing business with Rob again in the future!
  10. Positive A+

    Just completed a trade with Rob, everything went great. He shipped first and everything was well packed and got here in great condition. He just received my slings today and we both couldn't be happier. Great communication, fast shipping and good packing. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Rob again.

  11. blake

    blake Arachnopeon

    Avicularia Metallica

    I sold Rob a male avicularia Metallica and his communication and payment was prompt and detailed. A nice guy that can be trusted. I will continue to do business with him.
    Thanks again rob
  12. blake

    blake Arachnopeon

    Had another great transaction with Rob. Bought several slings from him and they were packaged great and described accurately. I will continue to do business with him.
    Thanks rob
  13. I met Rob threw a post i had, He was interested in my MM P. Irmina, He was more then willing to do a 50/50 breeding loan
    and was willing to pay for shipping and all. we came to an agreement to do a male exchange a fair trade MM A. Hentzi
    for MM P. Irmina. he was very professional, persistent, and on top of things, I Recommend Avic. Rob to any one that is
    interested in buying trading or doing a 50/50 loan 100%
  14. angrychair

    angrychair Arachnosquire

    I sent Rob my MM L. parahybana for a 50/50 trade, after some shipping delays my male arrived safe and sound at Robs. Rob keeps in touch nicely through the whole shipping ordeal.
  15. JoeRossi

    JoeRossi Arachnohumbled Old Timer


    Worst transaction and attitude I have ever seen!!!! I purchased slings from AviculariaRob and he failed to tell me the spiders he was shipping A. Hentzi were all 1st instar slings. I paid very quickly through paypal 95.00 and was told packing would be fine and not to worry that he has done this several times before. Bottom line is the pack arived today in horrible condition. To elaborate USPS did its job and got the pack to me in a single day (shipped 4-17 arived 4-18) and I picked up the box after work and then brought it home to unpack at 6:00 p.m my time. When I opened the box I was apauled at what I saw. He shipped in a shoe box with no styro insulation just waded magazine paper. The A. hentzi 120 of them where than in a plastic green tupper wear and all straw packed. The slings were not packed tight in the tupperwear with little paper towell and free to bounce back and forth. All slings were dead and I stated to him I am sorry to tell you this, but all slings are dead and he should not be shipping 1st instar slings. I told him I would send pictures and he then hung up on me. After sending pictures he said he would not refund my money because they did not meet his lag requirements. The temperatures he stated dropped below 80 and I should have told him to use a heat pack is what he stated. I replied with are you kiding a heat pack when it was 75 degrees here is not what killed the slings it was the fact they were porly packed and 1st instar. In addition, he stated that he would give me my money back only if all the other people he sent the same 1st instar slings he sent to had the same problems. That is not the way moral and ethical buisness works Rob. He ended our conversation stating you are not getting your money back, you are a B***, and continued with more profanitys.

    Weather Report:perris, CA (92570) 75°F

    Attached are the pictures of the poor packing, 1st instar slings, and his email saying his lag terms were not met when they clearly were (Arived 1st day, pictures taken, and temps stayed 75-80 perfect temps...never heard temps need to stay below 78 LOL new news to me and everyone else):






    His PM to me: "Hey Joe its Rob just wanted to let you know I'm sorry for your loss but I can't refund your money for the following reasons. You ordered 120 slings shipped express, I asked you if you needed a heat pack and you declined the offer (Tarantulas must stay above 78 degrees °F fahrenheit, your local weather forecast for today was 71 ° F, you told me it would be 80 ° F) which is not my fault . They arrived at 3pm and you didn't call me till 9:18 pm, you told me they are all dead and that it was due to my packing which is false.

    My C.O.D is clear about this.

    LAG conditions:
    Must be delivered on first attempt
    *Not responsible for carrier delays resulting in DOA.
    *Must provide proof of DOA with picture (as soon as the package arrives to its shipping address.)
    DOA back upon request, shipping cost is not covered by LAG unless it was due to humility or temperature drop (heat pack), please request for a heat pack if you think its required. If not I cannot refund shipping for the DOA...

    Best I can do for you so your not complete at a lose is give you 25 slings for free if you pay for shipping. I finished my count today and I had those extra. "

    Update: I texted Rob simply "Your review is up". Here is his response word for word from him at 11:33 p.m. I copied his text from my phone and sent it to my email than copied here un altered 100%: "I'm not interested in reading it but let me explain why your wrong and karma is for sure going to come back your way for whatever lies you wrote about me loser. Well if they all had died from shipping issues they would have damage to their bodies (injured abdomen or something along those lines), due to it being an issue with heat they all look fine except for them being dead. Open your eyes dude, you were being impatient and you past up on a heat pack which I clearly suggested in the first place! I'm not worried about your review Joe, your just being a tight ass and you want your money back but it was your fault. I'll talk to Danna about your false review about me on arachnoboard and I'll get your profile erased :) God always helps out the Righteous! Grow up dude..."

    I did not respond to text, but will respond here to only the facts and not entertain his insults and skewed tunneled view about God and karma:

    Again, advertising on arachnoboards is suppose to be done when slings are feeding and have reached 2nd instar. In addition, physically selling them at 1i, shipping them poorly, and not honoring your own LAG terms is beyond poor buisness. A sling at that size does not have the development and capabilites to stick to the sides of plastic straws that you sent them in. If you take a 1st instar sling and several times roll it back and forth in a straw as it bangs up and down can come out not having as you state "(injured abdomen or something along those lines)", but from the stress alone can and did die after being shipped from Texas to California. Secondly, the temperatures at 75 degreed were perfect here and many would wish they were in the 70 degree temperatures so they could ship in ideal temperatures. The fact is I state it would being around 75-80 and it was and they did not require a heat pack. Fact again is you should not be shipping 1i A. Hentzi.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2013
  16. Tgrip77

    Tgrip77 Arachnoknight

    Negative / Positive

    i bought 200 A. hentzi slings from rob for a great price. his communication was a bit slow at first but eventually i was told he still had 200 available, so i quickly made the purchase. he said he would ship the following day (on a thursday) i paid for express shipping with lag. he did not ship on that thursday due to rain in his area. he then shipped the following monday very late in the day. he did not ship express like i paid for...they were shipped 2-3 day priority which i got them on thursady.

    his packing wasnt the greatest...a 40 hour heat pack (i told him express takes two days to reach me), no styrofoam lining...the package was sent from texas to missouri (cold night temps) the straws had holes which was good but most of them had a lot of room to be thrown around, not very snug.

    twice i reminded rob to put my phone number on the package...he forgot to do so.

    when i opened up the package i couldnt believe what i was seeing...the "slings" appeared to be eggs with legs, some of which i couldnt even see legs. after removing the 188 he sent (not 200) from the straws, i realized they were 1st instar....5 of which did not survive the transit...it appeared that a few developed into 1st instar during the trip. i could see loose eggshell in some of the straws

    so out of the 188 that he sent me...5 are already goners...and im expecting to lose a lot more in the future due to their super young age.

    here is robs original for sale ad in which i answered...

    "I have 600-800 Captive born A.Hentzi slings, I am considering trades for tarantulas and a Boa or Python.I have pictures of the mother on my profile, plus you can check out my reviews!

    Minimum order of 5 slings for $20, 10-19 are $3 each, 20-49 are $2 each,50-99 are $1 each and 100-800 and 50¢ each! This is not including shipping. PM me with your name/address and the amount of slings. I will send you the correct amount for shipping...price will depend on your location from Austin, TX(where I live).

    Express $35 w LAG
    Priority $8-$20 depending on your location, no LAG
    Paypal preferred!!!

    LAG conditions:
    Must be delivered on first attempt
    Not responsible for carrier delays resulting in DOA.
    Must provide proof of DOA with picture as soon as the package arrives to its shipping address.
    DOA back upon request, shipping cost is not covered by LAG unless it was due to humility or temperature drop (heat pack), please request for a heat pack if you think its required. If not I cannot refund shipping for the DOA..."

    here are some pictures of what i received


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    i spoke with rob on the phone the same day i received them and explained that i was not happy about the miscount, priority shipping, youth in which he sent. he was hardly apologetic, we argued for about ten minutes, finally he agreed to give me the partial refund that i was asking for.

    if i could rewind time, i would not have made this purchase. i was expecting slings that i could actually feed in the near future.

    for what its worth though i do appreciate the partial refund. thank you for your cooperation.

  17. 3skulls

    3skulls Arachnobaron

    Your call...

    I'm not here bash and I really hope you can learn from the mistakes that have been made.

    I responded to the same ad above.

    I received my 1st instars on Tuesday. I had no idea they were this young and was not ready to care for them.
    I purchased 100 and 20 were DOA.

    More than anything, I really feel bad for them.
    Your packing needs work. The straws were really to big for the little guys. If they were a bit more snug, more might have made it.
    My box was nice and padded with a heat pack.

    No problems with communications and he gave me his phone number if I had any questions. I had no idea that I should have asked if there were that young.

    I let Rob know that 20 were DOA and he refunded me right away.

    Learn from these mistakes Rob, we need the hobby to grow. Think about the people out there that would have no clue on how to care for them. (Like me)

    **Edited for spelling.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
  18. AviculariaRob

    AviculariaRob Arachnopeon

    In my own defense I would like to add that I feel everybody that was disappointed in the A.Hentzi sale are just feeding off the negative comment of Mr.Joe Rossi. Joe did say he was going to bring me down....so far everything seems like its coming true.

    It was 100% Joe's fault, he didn't want to wait over the weekend for my heat packs to come in so he asked me to ship express(which I clearly asked everybody I make this transaction with....if they could wait till Monday ). That's why I asked you if you didn't mind waiting till Monday. I have 7 orders for these A.Hentzi not including Joe and if any of those orders receive a DOA I will issue a refund for what was lost(which I did on Wednesday and Thursday). I asked him if he needed a heat pack and he declined, he told me it was going to be 80-85 degrees and I gave him express shipping guaranteed before 3pm. I send his a text at 3 and he didn't call me back till 9:30pm and this is all central time(Austin, Tx) mind you....so he calls me and tell me they are all dead and its because of my packing. If it was due to my packing they would have all has abdomen issues or something along those lines, I always use the straw method 100% full proof unless you need a heat pack due to the weather. Yes the straws have a little room for the slings to "move/bounce around like some would say" but I dropped a few from a standing position when packaging and they just bounced on the floor and started running for the nearest corner like any other tarantula. A few bounces in a straw will not hurt any sling, look up RobC and his straw packing method....he actually throws the container with his sling in the straw. So I looked up the temperature for his location Perris California...look it up for yourself Thursday 4/18/13 the temp was 71. Everybody knows when shipping tarantulas they must be above 78 degrees, it was his fault and he's just can't man up for his mistake. He passes on the heat pack which I clearly add in my C.O.D. and even suggested over the phone before I shipped.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 26, 2013
  19. Positive

    I recently purchased 200 A.hentzi slings from Rob, they all arrived in good shape. He told me they were 1st instar and shipped express, all were straw packed and very snug in a container. The box was a sturdy box and was styrofoam lined shipping box. I have dealt with him before without issue and would do business with him in the future.

    Thanks Rob,
  20. kiffnie

    kiffnie Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I am not here to bash anyone either, but I feel like I should back up the negative review above. I went through a very similar situation as JoeRossi and Tgrip77. I am in the middle of a Paypal dispute right now over the order, and Robert Perez is being less than professional about it. I don't know if he is just really young, but I am getting similar messages telling me that "you are lucky to get one dollar back from me" and the like. I followed his terms of service exactly and send an email with pictures of the dead spiders next to his packing material. He claims he didn't get it. It is the exact same email as the paypal email so I have forwarded the original message to him again. I have faith that the Paypal dispute process will take care of this for me, so I am glad that I have them to back me up. If I had not paid with Paypal, I would be out of luck dealing with the individual by myself.
    Last edited: May 9, 2013