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roaddog (Rodie)

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by MyNameIsYours, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. meghanbe

    meghanbe Arachnopeon

    I purchased two P. ornata slings from Rodie for a truly awesome price--made even more awesome by the freebie sling he included. Communication was great, shipping happened the day after I paid, tracking number was sent promptly, slings were packed well...all in all, a very successful transaction. I look forward to purchasing from Rodie again!
  2. Tman86

    Tman86 Arachnosquire

    Very satisfied customer!!!

    I ordered a P. ornata and a P. cambridgei from roaddog. I recieved them two days ago plus a freebie P. ornata and all are alive and well. They were packaged great and its pretty cold out but the heat pack did its job. Also very affordable compared to some of the more known places i've ordered T's from in the past. No complaints from me. Thanks again roaddog, I will definitely be using you to feed my T addiction for years to come.
  3. Harvard Fairway

    Harvard Fairway Arachnopeon

    Just had my first transaction with Rodie and I could not be happier! I got a B.emilia and it is a fantastic T! Everything about this experiance was top notch...will absolutely buy from again soon!
  4. jarmst4

    jarmst4 Arachnoknight

    Great seller! Instant communication, slings were well packaged, sent a freebie too.
  5. KadeshAvic

    KadeshAvic Arachnopeon

    Just received my ornatas from rodie and even received a freebie. Packing and shipping were great. Communication was excellent. I would and will absolutely deal with rodie again. Rarely in business do you get fast, cheap prices, and quality product and services. From rodie you get all of these. Wonderful seller and person. Thanks !
  6. 100% positive. All Spiders packed well, arrived on time. All spiders active and healthy looking. Would buy from roaddog anytime. Thanks!!!
  7. bestbugs

    bestbugs Arachnopeon

    A+++ 100% Positive Review

    The tarantulas look good and the shipping was perfect agian!! Thanks Rodie
  8. Arienette

    Arienette Arachnoknight

    awesome experience buying from roadie!
    i ordered a 32 sling pack, but my box got switched with another ab.com user's..
    so as soon as he figured it out he called to tell me he would replace my order, and he was adamant that i could keep the sling that was accidently coming my way! so now, after all is said and done i ended up with a free P smithi!
    he even tossed in some other freebs to share with some of the other local ab.com users :)
  9. codykrr

    codykrr Arachnoking Old Timer

    A+ seller!

    I posted a thread needing some dubias and was hard up for cash, Rodie pmed me and sent me some feeders for the cost of shipping! Helped me a ton!! Offered to repay him ASAP, and he turned it down saying just pay it forward to someone!

    Thanks Rodie, and dont hesitate to deal with him! GREAT GUY!!!
  10. Just completed a trade with Rodie, everything went smooth, perfect trade, no issues, great communication and packing. Hes an all around great person to deal with.
  11. Norm

    Norm Arachnosquire

    Just completed transaction with roaddog! I'm 100% pleased with our trade! Package was lost by carrier for several days. I've finally received and unpacked it. All 3 T. stirmi and 4 C. darlingi slings were alive and well. Packing was excellant. Roaddog kept GREAT communication with me through the entire transaction! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again!!! 100% POSITIVE!!! :D
  12. Tgrip77

    Tgrip77 Arachnoknight


    i did a trade/sale with rodie...he was quick his partial payment. i sent all my specimens first...and he sent his portion of the trade a few months later once they were all ready. packing was excellent and communication was very good too. i plan to do more business with roaddog in the future.thank you

  13. Zeezums

    Zeezums Arachnosquire

    Rodie is my dog

    Rodie has been incredible!!!! I sent him a mm p regalis not knowing ANYTHING about breeding and he has totally taken me under his wing. He continues to give me excellent advice and is helping me with my first breeding project of p irminia. We talk all the time and the pokies I got from him (ornata, striata, metallica, and Hanumavilasumica) were and still are very healthy and active Ts. I will for SURE continue to do business with Rodie! And I am grateful for all the help and direction he has given me!! You're awesome!!
  14. MadMike94

    MadMike94 Arachnopeon

    Ordered a 3.5" Female P. irminia, and a 1" T. stirmi from Rodie, they got here safe and sound, very nice packing job!

    the irminia is about 4" or more too! very happy will be dealing with em again!
  15. gottarantulas

    gottarantulas Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Rodie let me know a few days ago to expect a package from him (stemming from a breeding loan previous). I received the package from him this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by the new additions. A couple of other hobbyists that I've made trades with spoke of Rodie's generosity and selection and now I can attest to those attributes. Good communication, prompt shipping and healthy T's...you can't go wrong! I look to do continued business with Rodie in the near future, whether it be buying, trading or via breeding loans. Thanks!
  16. Arienette

    Arienette Arachnoknight

    I got a package from roadie today with my 3 stirmis in it plus a random assortment of surprise tarantulas :D the babies were all healthy, plus he sent me a beautiful and gentle 6.5" f l. Klugi :) she's awesome!!!

    Roadie is a true playa.
  17. rob0t

    rob0t Arachnoknight

    As everyone else has said, 100% positive. Great product, service and packaging. Will do business again!
  18. n0rmal

    n0rmal Arachnopeon

    %110 positive transaction!!

    i had the pleasure of driving to beautiful san diego today to visit Rodie and check out his awesome collection!! i must say i was blown away at some of the specimens he had!! i worked out a trade with him and ended up with some very healthy and awesome T's!! very happy with my experience and worth the hour and half drive any day!! looking forward to future dealings with Rodie!
  19. Singapore_Blue1

    Singapore_Blue1 Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Great seller!!

    I just received a T. stirmi sling and a Chaco sling from Rodie. He is very helpful and he goes out of his way. The transaction was smooth and communication was great.. He even saved me some $ on shipping... Don't hesitate to deal with him... Top notch right here folks!
  20. Chris_Skeleton

    Chris_Skeleton Arachnoprince


    Received a couple T. stirmi slings from Roaddog and the packing was superb!!!! Great guy to do business with. A+