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Roaches,crickets or mealworms?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by omega7nyc, May 31, 2011.

  1. omega7nyc

    omega7nyc Arachnopeon

    HI all,
    Im still new to the hobby and still doing some research.
    I would love to have an aboreal and terrestial T and some scorpions.
    I dont have any of yet becuase I want to be sure I do it right the first time.

    Being a newbie and wet behind the ears,
    Whats the best to feed T's or scorps ?

    Also I dont plan in the beginning to set up some room with countless T's or scorps.
    In other words Im a newbie and would like to start slow and steady.

    So my problem is should I stick to the local pet store when I need crickets or mealworms to feed T's or scorps?

    Or should I some how start out with like 10 turkestan roaches/crickets or mealworms?

    Now , which ones are the best to keep and raise without any smell or noise?
    What do you recommmend.

    Also by having a pet tarantula or scorp will it somehow have a peculiar smell when you walk into the room?

    Im sorry by being so a n a l but Im just a clean freak!
    any replies will be appreciated! Ty in advance!
  2. PhobeToPhile

    PhobeToPhile Arachnoknight

    Tarantulas have no real odor of their own. If your tarantula starts to smell, that's generally a pretty serious cause for concern-odds are, it's either dead or has an infection. Can't speak for scorps, but I imagine it's the same deal (though you should get someone who actually does know). As for the food...do a quick search. All three can and do work. Without smell...crickets do smell if you keep them. Don't know about the other two.
    Last edited: May 31, 2011
  3. Meecht

    Meecht Arachnosquire

    Crickets smell HORRIBLY if you attempt to raise them. I tried, but they just ended up dying which added to the already horrible stench, I think it got too hot/humid in their enclosure. I'm thinking about just buying them from the pet store from now on for $1/dozen.

    Roaches are real easy and don't smell nearly as bad. My roommate currently keeps a dubia colony and you can't smell it unless you get right over the tank. Pretty neat little bugs.
  4. Click here you can see which food is best.....
    Hope this link answers some of your questions....