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Roach Disaster

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Mojosmf, Apr 10, 2010.

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    I am typing this fast so please be lenient, moderators.
    OH GOD I just was tyring to get into a Avic Avic enclosure to feed her when I was takeing the glass tank off the shelf if hit a water bottle and a open 2 liter bottle of mountain dew and both fell into my open roach colony down below. Right after I read Sean6219's LP story!!
    btw this is proof that this happens to everyone.
    what should I do to keep these guys alive???
    there is mountain dew and water all over their enclosure and they are flailing around like crazy but I have most of the liquid cleaned out but the roaches and egg cartons are still soaked. some are starting to die, please help, I am going to go spray the roaches with water to get the mountain dew off of them.
    please help.
  2. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Ministry of Fluffy Bunnies Old Timer

    Move them into a dry container to start with and go from there. Mt.D is a soft drink? Then this shouldn't be too bad for them as long as they don't drown.
  3. uh oh

    its only 65 degrees in my room so they are huddled next to the heat pad and most of them arent looking too good. i have them in a big flat cement mixing container thats plastic and i have them all layed out, or most of them. some are dying. this is my main source of food.
    oh god.
  4. hassman789

    hassman789 Arachnobaron

    you probably dont need to worry about your Ts starving. Id only be worried if you have anything else that needs roaches more often than Ts.
  5. BrynWilliams

    BrynWilliams Arachnoprince

    these things are generally super durable, don't drown them by trying to wash them, make sure dry food and a water source (gel or an orange, dunno you usually use)

    You might lose some yes, but many will survive i'm sure
  6. good

    They are starting to kind of snap out of it. i think they are going to make it. thatnks everyone. Ill keep you posted.
  7. Kathy

    Kathy Arachnoangel

    I think most will be okay. Don't worry too much if you lose a lot, you can always buy some more - I can hook you up with some good sellers at a good price. :)
  8. BrynWilliams

    BrynWilliams Arachnoprince

    glad to hear

    I'm not sure if it's a mispost because you were rushing, but you might also find that if you ask a mod to move this into the bugs section of the forum that some other people may know more than us mere T keepers over in this section ;)
  9. splangy

    splangy Arachnosquire

    I think it's kind of ironic that you're frantic to keep them alive so that they can satisfy their purpose in life which is to die. lol

    also... aren't cockroaches supposed to be able to survive nuclear winters? :p

    on a more serious note, I hope they come out alright! that really sucks!