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ReptilesNCritters (ReptilesNCritters.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by DavidE721, Sep 30, 2008.

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    I just received several Hadogenes paucidens (African Flat Rock Scorpion) from ReptilesNCritters. I must say that I am quite impressed. Many of them are of a very large size and quite bulky. (I also received a juvenile H. troglodytes, which was evidently mis-identified as a paucidens.)

    The seller is selling them for $14.99 each. I found this seller to be quite professional and prompt in both his communication and shipping. These scorps are of high quality health and appearance.

    The seller's website is as follows:


    The paucidens are listed as Tanzanian Flat Rock scorpions.


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  2. RoachGirl

    RoachGirl Arachnopeon


    I was the one who made the mistake first of all. I did something I NEVER do and ordered from a site without doing the proper research and checking the reviews. I think I got caught up in the moment. The prices are bad enough, but at the time I didn't care I thought, Hey...I can get pairs of T's and a male for my A. insubtilis. So I think I was caught up in the moment. So..after paying out of the you know what the first mistake I caught was the fact they never sent me a tracking number. Ok. So I mail them asking when my package is to arrive. They say Tuesday because I always get overnight and it was to be shipped out monday and I would receive a tracking number later that day. It never showed. It only appeared AFTER I emailed them today saying if they hadnt shipped my package to go ahead and refund my money and not worry about it. Well they got back to me really fast then giving me a tracking number. Thirty mins later it arrived at my door. Good thing I decided not to sleep in today.

    Here's my BIG complaint. I can understand a mix up and not getting a number. Ok. BUT...I have never seen Tarantulas shipped in just the dirt (dry no less) with as thin abdomens as these guys have. The only thing keeping their containers from bumping around = the size of them and a couple of pieces of newspaper on the top and bottom. Not only that the ONLY way the containers were labeled was an MB on the A. insubtilis container. There is no way for me to even know which ones (if either) are the males or the females. Thank God I managed to figure out <what> that meant or I might have opened something to find a nasty surprise. I freaked. So I decide to move the two skeletons (who are suppose to be sexed adults but are so small I highly doubt they are because of their size) Anyhow...One looked dead. I turned the container slightly to the side and it was all curled up and it just fell over. So I thought 'oh great, DOA..what else can go wrong' I soon found out because here is where I made my second and biggest mistake. I nudged it slightly with a finger and it jumped at me and tried to latch on. It hung onto me for a good few seconds before dropping to the floor (I didnt have it high off the ground mind you just incase) and it charged at me again with fangs bared. This was one TICKED OFF little tarantula. And I honestly cannot blame him! I felt the fangs hit me, but they didn't go in. Thank goodness. I managed to wrangle him up and put him in his new habitat. I got the second out more carefully into it's new habitat, but it wasn't much happier. Even the A. insubtilis showed me it's fangs and I've never seen one do that, but like I said the way they were shipped I really don't blame the little guys. I am waiting on my fiance to unpack the Haitians. They seem alive and ok for the time and I just think I need to let them calm down for a bit. If anyone wants I can get pictures and you can get a general idea of what Im talking about, but needless to say I will never be ordering from this site again and I can be the story everyone tells others to avoid this happening again. I will not ship the T's back. I feel so bad for them I really hope I can get them up to good health. I am worried though. Like I said worst conditions Ive seen. I am going to go crawling back to <previous dealers> now and beg for their forgiveness because this will NEVER happen again.

    One other thing I noticed. Although I ordered TWO E. murinus (because that's what the photo was on their site) it appears they had the wrong pic with the wrong name and I somehow got one E. murinus and one E. uatuman but the picture was labeled as an E. rufescens. CRIPES!
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  3. iamthegame06

    iamthegame06 Arachnosquire


    got my 3 H. lividum from this site today, i was kinda sketched out by the packaging though..but im glad the T's were in great condition..i wish they labeled them though..
  4. iamthegame06

    iamthegame06 Arachnosquire


    <edit> the first time i did business with Robert Crespo the transaction went smoothly, although i wasn't too happy with how the T's were packed (he had them on a small deli cup with just soil in it) I know I should have avoided sketchy websites like this from the beginning, but at the time I really wanted a trio of H. lividum's and he was the only one who had a trio. fast forward a few months later, I got this gig working for a guy who does effects/graphics in Hollywood, he asked me if I could get a tarantula model for him, we talked about it for a bit, we were gonna use my G. rosea and LP as a model, but I thought he might need it to climb or something so I thought about getting an Avic (I've never had any avics, I'm more into terrestrial T's) at the same time I've been looking for an adult B. vagans, and a P. cancerides, couldn't really find anyone who was selling all 3 of those species but his site, so I bought it. When the package came in, I was really disappointed after i opened it and found that he sent me 2 inch juvies! I contacted Robert Crespo immediately and informed him about it, and he told me that 2 inch is an "adult" size! I felt insulted that he even thought I was gonna fall for that! (which I'm sure some people who didn't know better did and just probably let it go) I told him that I was very unhappy with what he sent me and that we either need to work something out or give me a refund, he responded by cussing at me! I had no choice but to file a complaint on PayPal as "item not as described" I won the dispute, so now I'm going to get my money back, BUT we have to stop this guy from scamming other people! I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE OR FROM ROBERT CRESPO! save yourself the trouble and buy from someone else..

    also, when I told him I was gonna post a thread about him to warn other people, this was his response: "Post what you want, where you want" then he went on and cussed at me some more
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