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Random stuff

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Kris M, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Kris M

    Kris M Arachnopeon

    So I'm very new to this (just a few weeks of ownership).
    But I've noticed a couple interesting quirks about my spiders I'd like to share.

    First is my B. albopilosum. This little character hasn't eaten yet :( but otherwise looks healthy so I'm not too worried yet. The neat thing is that it seems to have a "time" tolerance. It will allow me to remove the lid and watch it but after about 2 minutes it will just kick hairs, even though I'm not doing anything but watching. I thought this was kind of interesting, it's almost like it's saying "Okay you've been watching long enough, now piss off!" I'm going to leave it alone entirely now to see if it will eat this coming weekend.

    Second is my B. emelia. This character I provided a hide to, half a plastic flower pot on an angle going down into the substrate. Well it decided that wasn't enough and dug a hole down from the bottom of his hide, luckily enough it made a window on the bottom of the container for me to continue watching. The odd thing I've found is that the dirt it dug out, it just piles up at the entrance to it's hide. I don't think this is a pre-molt thing as it still came out to eat this weekend. The other quirk it has is that it seems to have an "eating place", it will always go to the same corner to eat it's meal. This is the corner that faces the sun, and I've caught it just hanging out there in the middle of the day, not sure if the sun has anything to do with it or not.

    Anyways just thought I'd share.
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  2. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    Ts can definitely have personalities... And all are different so it's truly an amazing expierence to watch each one.
  3. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking Active Member

    your B. albo could be kickin hairs due to it being uncomfortable with the pressure change and the air flow... it can feel you breathing (id bet my life) on every one of those hairs and him kicking is its way of saying piss off indeed... this is just MY speculation
  4. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    What was your first guess??
  5. SamuraiSid

    SamuraiSid Arachnodemon

    Individual personality would be the single best arguement Id make for owning multiples of the same T.

    Of my two mature G. rosea's, one is the stereotypical pet rock. Sit in the flower pot for hours on end. Walk to corner of enclosure, sit for hours on end, repeat.

    My other enjoys piling substrate right in front of the fake den (which it has never been in). Sometimes, she will clear all of it away, and then she sits there... I assume her underside enjoys the humidity difference. She piles the substrate back up, and wonders off.
  6. hamhock 74

    hamhock 74 Arachnobaron

    Actually grayzone's theory isn't that far off, I've had tarantulas scuttle away even when I don't exhale forcefully nor am I making any other movement that would cause vibrations they would pick up.
  7. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    I'm not being sarcastic!! 2 weeks agoI tested that theory out with by B. Verdezi... Mulitple times when I leaned in a bit to get a better view he kept backing off.. So I held my breathe for 10 seconds and he didn't budge, then I made a small exhale and he kicked hairs at me... AND only kept kicking hairs if I took deep breathes