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random stuff pictures

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by arachnidsrva, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    DSC_1856.jpg DSC_1858.jpg DSC_1859.jpg DSC_1860.jpg DSC_1862.jpg

    random stuff
  2. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

  3. jbm150

    jbm150 Arachnoprince

    The second pic, what is that? Minax?
  4. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    i want to say yes - but....... it's a haplopelma and they drive me nuts - but probably a minax -
  5. Formerphobe

    Formerphobe Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    VA, USA
    Where do you get the cubes with the beveled corners?
  6. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    I think its pretty sad seeing those spiders living in tiny containers like that.....
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  7. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    i make the cubes out of acrylic - I make them myself - im working on some really cool stuff because I do a lot of laser cutting of acrylic

    the one with the beveled corners however I did not make - you can get them from ... i think its patriot plastics???

    I make TONS of acrylic containers - I've never gone past the hobby stage with it. i have some cool prototype stuff that I'll post in this thread

    Syndicate - they don't live in those enclosures - they never stay in them longer than 1-2 days - when they come home they go into assorted acrylic boxes

    i don't clean them out intentionally so they're comfortable for the ride.

    Nice job assuming that they live there though ! Im glad I can count on you for all your negative assumptions.

    Keep up the good work!
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  8. paassatt

    paassatt Arachnoangel

    To be fair, is he really out of line for making that assumption? I mean, there's substrate with a decent amount of webbing laid down...I don't think it's so far out of the realm of possibility for someone to assume that that was the spider's permanent home.
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  9. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    i have the same people on threads i post that will always have a problem with what i do - someone wanted to see a picture of some haplos I had - so I posted this thread

    there's really no way to post on here without someone having a problem with it or a concern - its not like its the first time, or the second, or third or fourth

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    its the same old story - i post a thread and the same people are going to have a problem with it one way or another

    they're going to find something they dislike or something that bothers them - I guess I should get used to the fact that I'll get crucified for any and all things that I post on here

    if you aren't doing it "the right way" - they're going to give you hell.
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  10. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Hey I'm not trying to start any crap..Its just sad to see adult tarantulas squished into tiny dirty containers.I'm assuming you sell them like this at shows?I've seen other dealers at the NY show here selling in those cubes to.You can do whatever you want with your spiders man I just don't understand why you would even bother trying to get those spiders in there.I'm sure they don't enjoy it much!
  11. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    checkout my acrylic prototypes - feel free to throw all the comments you have at them.

    i need to work out all the "bugs"
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  12. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    Let's change the subject to something mroe useful

    Okay - so this was my goal.

    I saw the acrylic enclosures for sale online - I knew I could make them at work - but the glueing and the assembly was always a turn-off.... too time consuming... especially if I wanted to make several hundred acrylic houses for my T's

    So the goal...was to take 1/8" acrylic (for small enclosures) and 3/16" acrylic (for large ones).... and design an enclosure that assembled just like a puzzle. No glue required. No drill required, my lasers do all of the cutting. I can make 12 of these guys with one sheet of 36" x 48" acrylic. It's as simple as putting 7 pieces of acrylic into a bag.

    No hinges, no hasps, no vents to install, no real intense labor. I wanted something that would essentially ship flat (and cheap) and could assemble in under a minute. (You still have to peel the paper, but it arrives clean that way)

    This is my small version - the original test run - I made 300 of these units for my slings/juvies....

    It contains a total of 7 pieces - there is a thin "track system" in the front of each enclosure - that's what the front door slides on.

    I have 5 1/8" diameter holes on the top piece for ventilation - 6 1/8th" holes on the left and right sides - and 3 1/8" holes on the upper rear piece of the enclosure.

    This was one of the originals...so the pieces didn't quite "snap" in like they do now. You'll notice glue on the edges...and maybe it's a good idea to add glue...but it's already put together... it's WAYYY easier. you just add a couple dots in the corner...

    maybe each enclosure would come with a one-time use tube of sealant?

    I wish the door wasn't "guillotine style" - also if your T is on the inside of the door, you can't really open it.

    DSC_0057.jpg DSC_0059.jpg DSC_0060.jpg DSC_0061.jpg DSC_0064.jpg
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  13. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    larger enclosure

    This is the larger enclosure - the pieces are 3/16" thick - the pattern is more obvious on this enclosure

    I can tell off the bat that I want to thicken the border on the top piece of acrylic to prevent cracking

    I think maybe it needs more ventilation in the rear -

    DSC_0049.jpg DSC_0050.jpg DSC_0053.jpg DSC_0054.jpg DSC_0055.jpg
  14. arachnidsrva

    arachnidsrva Arachnoknight

    I want to make some changes to these things and ship some out for people to try out.

    The terrestrial enclosure is actually more ideal due to the fact that the door is on top - the track that the door slides on is horizontal...so gravity can't turn it into a guillotine

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    All my haplo containers for travel look just like that, the "dirty" ones - the walls are covered in webbing and they usually have little haplo holes and burrows.

    I put the haplo's back in the same containers that they prefer- the ones that they work hard in on the weekends - they actually prefer to web-up the ventilation holes too - they don't want anything getting in.

    i figured it made the most sense - they don't want light getting in ... so I just re-use the same enclosures for Haplos -

    I would need a 14 foot box-truck to travel around with several hundred critter keepers - It just wouldnt work....
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  15. paassatt

    paassatt Arachnoangel

    I totally understand where you're coming from. The only point I was trying to make is that from the point of view of the casual hobbyist who comes on here, they might see the tiny enclosures you have the spiders in and assume that that is how you permanently keep them housed. They might not know that you're a dealer and constantly pack up and drive from show to show. No worries, buddy.