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quick reply button in Mozilla

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting / Suggestions' started by moricollins, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. moricollins

    moricollins Arachnoprince Old Timer

    The quick reply button doesn't work in mozilla, but works in both opera and IE (at least for me anyways)
  2. Arachnopets

    Arachnopets Arachnoboards Team Staff Member

    Works in firefox....I'll need to look into mozilla.

    Anyone else out there use mozilla and having this problem?
  3. Tony

    Tony Arachno-pragmatarian Old Timer

    Mozilla here, I hit quick reply, got a 'too short error', but wrote this anyway
  4. moricollins

    moricollins Arachnoprince Old Timer

    the button is working now for me....
  5. mobster

    mobster Arachnosquire Old Timer

    its working with me also.